Top 3 Mistakes in Mobile SMS Campaigns


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Top 3 Mistakes in Mobile SMS Campaigns

  1. 1. Top 3Mistakes in MobileSMS CampaignsAnd How to Avoid ThemStanford Persuasive Technology LabWesley Leung, Andrew Martin, David NgoWant Help Designing for Behavior in YourProject? Sign up for a call at
  2. 2. Imagine You Need to...Persuade people todonate $...With One Text
  3. 3. Hard, but not impossible.Just watch out for a fewmistakes starting with...
  4. 4. Mistake 1 People arent responding.It must mean they dontcare!...Or maybe they do, they just dont know how to respond
  5. 5.  Case ExampleA Stanford Mobile SMS Campaign aims to solicitdonations from students for social issues in SomaliaMistake: Campaign sent out mass texts addressingtopics that seem important such as vision, goal, etc...but failed on the call to action 
  6. 6.  Case Example SolutionSolution: Make your message clear for whatyou want people to do."Help Somalia! Text #YES to donate"
  7. 7.  Mistake 2Not testing early or quicklyenough...Take baby steps. Fail fast and fail early
  8. 8.  Case ExampleMistake: Client started by building out theentire system for their implementation,including marketing strategies, software fordelivering texts, and more.
  9. 9.  Case Example SolutionSolution: Run crummy trials first.Start with studying the responses you getthrough small tests. Text manually & iterateon early mistakes
  10. 10.  Mistake 3Not triggering behavior...Sometimes people need a little reminder
  11. 11.  Case ExampleMistake: Without a trigger, students wereunsure when to donate or why. They reademail flyers, but simply forgot to donate.
  12. 12.  Case Example SolutionSolution: Make sure there is a clear Call toAction to trigger your audience to do whatyou want.For example, launch events to frame yourcampaign. Physically being there is a strongmotivator. If that is not feasible, make aFacebook event for your cause.
  13. 13. In Summary...1. Design a simple, laser-focused textthat clearly tells the user what to do2. Have a call to action to Trigger youraudience3. Test early and quickly with CrummyTrials
  14. 14. Need Help With A Project?Call us for free help!Would love to chat for 15 minutes the Director of the StanfordPersuasive Technology Lab@bjfogg