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Session slides for SPSUK

Published in: Software
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  1. 1. Building solutions with the Yammer SDK Wes Hackett
  2. 2. Thank You to Our Sponsors!
  3. 3. Wes Hackett Principal Solutions Architect
  4. 4. Aim of this session
  5. 5. Microsoft’s Vision for Enterprise Social New experiences that combine social, collaboration, email, and UC Enterprise-class platform for security, management, and compliance Transform your business by connecting employees, partners, and customers Pervasive social layer connecting people, content, and business data
  6. 6. Register an app with Yammer Go here: Register a New App. The required fields are: • Application Name: The app name which will appear in Yammer’s activity stream. • Organization: The name of the organization affiliated with your app. • Support e-mail: An email address, which users of your app can contact for support. • Website: Your organization’s website. • Agree to Terms of Service and Continue
  7. 7. Let’s take a look Registering an app with Yammer
  8. 8. Exploring the SDK Basics
  9. 9. Demo disclaimer ;)
  10. 10. Let’s take a look Exploring the SDK basics
  11. 11. Let’s take a look The ‘Praise wall’
  12. 12. Yammer Developer Centre
  13. 13. Office 365 Developer Centre
  14. 14. Office Blogs
  15. 15. Office365 Technical Network
  16. 16. Office User Voice
  17. 17. Office GitHub Code Samples