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Suguk activity feed


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Published in: Technology
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Suguk activity feed

  1. 1. SharePoint 2010extending the activity feedWes HackettPrincipal Solutions Architect at Content and
  2. 2. agenda introduction out of the box architecture development extensibility known issues questions useful links
  3. 3. introduction
  4. 4. introductionaims of this session examine the native SharePoint 2010 activity feed describe how to extend it with custom activity types  walkthrough a demo scenario
  5. 5. out of the box
  6. 6. out of the boxactivity feed typesconsolidatedthe consolidated feed is all the activity events being generated by colleaguesshown on the Newsfeed pagepublishedThe published feed is all the activity events generated by that individualshown on the profile page
  7. 7. out of the boxnewsfeed page newsfeed page this is a picture of the native newsfeed page
  8. 8. out of the boxactivity types new membership sharing interests tagging by my colleague note board post tagging with my interests rating status message new colleague
  9. 9. out of the boxactivity types continued job title change manager change new blog post workplace anniversary profile update upcoming birthday birthday upcoming workplace anniversary
  10. 10. out of the boxatom feedsconsolidatedthe consolidated feed are all the activity events being generated by colleagueshttp://<MySiteHost>/_layouts/activityfeed.aspx?consolidated=truepublishedthe published feed are the activity events being generated by an individualhttp://<MySiteHost>/_layouts/activityfeed.aspx?publisher=<accountname>no web services
  11. 11. out of the boxOutlook 2010 integration Outlook 2010 has the ability to display the SharePoint Activity Feed configure using the Outlook 2010 Social Connector
  12. 12. architecture
  13. 13. architecture user profile gatherer web part timer or jobs ATOM activity social object user profile model user interface custom source
  14. 14. development
  15. 15. developmenttools and assemblies tools  Visual Studio 2010 + CKSDev  ULSViewer assemblies  Microsoft.Office.Server  Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles
  16. 16. extensibility
  17. 17. scenariosuggestions box allow a user to make a suggestion on a site promote this suggestion to their colleagues NB: code example only NOT production ready
  18. 18. scenarioarchitecture user profile gatherer web part timer or jobs ATOM activity social object user profile model suggestions user suggestions gatherer interface list source timer job
  19. 19. scenariosome prepcontent type and site columnsprovides structure to the datalist definitionprovides a type of list with the content type and event receiver pre-boundlist instance in a siteprovides an instance for users to add suggestions
  20. 20. scenariosolution overviewlist event receiverthis registers items for processing by the timer jobone technique, others might use SPQuery or change log approachestimer jobprocesses the work items and passes them into the custom gathereruse a timer job for scale and security reasons, native approachcustom gathererthis is the element where activities are handledalso registers and unregisters the custom activity application
  21. 21. scenariolist event handler item added event  creates a ScheduledWorkItem with the information about the list item  you can confirm it has worked by checking the Content database table ‘ScheduledWorkItems’
  22. 22. scenarioActivity application register the Activity Application register the Activity Types  add activity templates Farm scoped feature  needs to be admin on the UPA
  23. 23. scenariotimer job adds each work item into the gatherer responsible for repeating the processing logic on a schedule
  24. 24. scenariocustom gatherer provides the SPListItem to ProcessingItem conversion provides the create activity event from ProcessingItem publishes the activity events publishes the activity events to the authors colleagues
  25. 25. known issues
  26. 26. known issuesit isn’t Facebookmissing methodsmost of the ‘remove’ methods have not been implementedeg. ActivityApplicationsCollection.Remove throws an exception ‘NotImplementedException’permissionssome actions require an elevated stateActivityEvent.CreateActivityEvent method requires ‘Full Control’ to the UPAno ‘likes’ and ‘comments’there is no API in place to support ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ a-la Facebookrestrictive API means to create advanced functionality needs other services
  27. 27. questions
  28. 28. useful links
  29. 29. useful linksroot of the MSDN namespace of the SharePoint SDK Activity Feed with ECM native