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SPEvo 2015 app launcher


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Introducing App Launcher
Delivered by: Wes Hackett

Audience: Office 365, Information Worker, Developer
A new feature of Office 365 is the 'app launcher' and 'my apps' features. These new features provide a new style of navigation experience where all your apps are available from the Office 365 suite bar and the ability for a user to pin their preferred apps. This session introduces the features and the extensibility approaches to have your own apps interact with it.

Published in: Software
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SPEvo 2015 app launcher

  1. 1. Introducing App Launcher Wes Hackett
  2. 2. Wes Hackett Chief Technical Officer
  3. 3. Agenda or Content Slide  Introduction to the App Launcher  App Launcher and My apps  Adding an Azure Marketplace App  Adding a shared Twitter account  Adding an existing app  Creating a tile for an existing application  Adding a custom app  Configure your app
  4. 4. Introducing the App Launcher  Why  Too many apps in Office 365 for the old suite-bar  Ability to add new applications  Pervasive navigation across the Office 365 suite  Office 365 ‘waffle’ menu  My apps page
  5. 5. INTRODUCING APP LAUNCHER UX Let’s explore the end user experience for the new App Launcher
  6. 6. Video narrative
  7. 7. Marketplace application  Over 4500 applications are available  Improving the users experience  Adding in common applications  Sharing corporate accounts for Twitter, Facebook etc
  8. 8. ADDING A MARKETPLACE APP How to add a Marketplace app into the App Launcher
  9. 9. Video narrative
  10. 10. Existing application  Might be a LOB system  HR custom app  Finance service like expenses  Public Url  Your company website  Sites within your Office 365 tenant  An Intranet page
  11. 11. ADDING AN EXISTING APP How to add an existing app into the App Launcher
  12. 12. Adding a custom app  For your bespoke applications  Azure AD  Register the app (via VS2013 or Manually)  Assign Users  Shows in App Launcher and Access Panel
  13. 13. ADDING OUR OWN CUSTOM APP How to get our own custom app to appear in the App Launcher
  14. 14. Azure AD Premium goodies  Group based assignment  Manage the apps via group membership  Rolling passwords  LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. Thank you for attending! Wes Hackett