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This is a short (half-hour) "thought leadership" talk, where I give my impressions on what I feel are current trends in industry and society today. In particular, I believe that learning to code is taking a much higher precedence than before. Similarly, cloud computing is becoming pervasive and will make traditional desktop software (installation) a thing of the past. Finally, with the proliferation of the massive amount of data being generated daily with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and even SMS/texting and IM/chat, there is a greater need and growing demand for data science, deep analysis and queries. New analytics technologies today will allow us to ask questions we weren't able to in the recent past.

I generally deliver this talk to university and pre-university/K-12 audiences, on-campus or at academic conferences, i.e., at TJHSST near Washington DC, the National University of Singapore, the Congresso Brasileiro de Software (http://www.each.usp.br/cbsoft2011/ingles/cbsoft/palestra_cbsoft_en.html), and at Google's Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI, google.com/intl/en/jobs/students/proscho/programs/uscanada/cssi).

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Future of Computing talk by Wesley Chun

  1. 1. The Future Of Computing +Wesley Chun / @wescpy Developer Advocate, Google Fall 2013 goo.gl/GvoTdj I Code 1
  2. 2. I Write I Teach 2
  3. 3. About You and This Talk Professional in Industry, Education, Government Open minds Envisioning the future & possibilities Sharing my thoughts and experiences The Future of Computing The Future of Computing Anytime/anywhere Computing Anytime/anywhere Learning Programming Cloud Computing Big Data + Smart Apps Data Science & Analytics 3
  4. 4. Anytime/anywhere Computing Desktop Laptop Mobile Tablet Smartphone Web Online Offline 24x7 Social Too connected? Anytime/anywhere Learning Flows down from anytime/anywhere computing Many avenues for online learning Education undergoing renaissance of sorts 4
  5. 5. Do you doubt this? Khan Academy Udacity Coursera edX Codecademy CodeSchool LearnStreet The Future has Programming Not going to show you code today But it will be everywhere Effort: society needs to learn coding 5
  6. 6. Code.org Code for America 6
  7. 7. Do you doubt this? Khan Academy Udacity Coursera edX Codecademy CodeSchool LearnStreet (What are generally their first courses?) Start anywhere Many options Scratch/Tynker, Alice App Inventor Lego Mindstorms, RaspberryPI Python, Ruby Javascript (plus HTML5, CSS3) Google Apps Script Java: Minecraft Choose based on age, skills 7
  8. 8. Tools App Inventor 8
  9. 9. Extends model: mobile, adults Python Simple & robust... why? Python's origin & its creator Programming should be taught to children At same time as reading, writing, math Computer Programming for Everybody (CP4E) Does not require Computer Science background One of Google's official languages 9
  10. 10. Javascript & Google Apps Script Java & Minecraft 10
  11. 11. Slipped a Mickey Past 2 slides Networking... wait How did it get in there? Now we need to talk about the Web How the Web works 11
  12. 12. It's all out there Our lives are online now (better or worse) Your bank accounts, travel plans, etc. Your Facebook, Twitter mobile apps Think all your data lives on phone? Think again. Think different(ly). Web fundamental shift Desktop software all installed on machine On the web, you only have a browser All the software lives elsewhere "In the cloud" This is the future (it's here now!) 12
  13. 13. Cloud Computing PaaS Power!! PaaS: most powerful cloud service level Takes care of IaaS OS, webserver, database, scaling, ... Removes rigidity of SaaS Don't like Hotmail or YouTube? Make your own apps. How? Programming! We've come full circle 13
  14. 14. Programming. Python. PaaS. App Engine, Azure, Heroku Build your app (pick language) Upload it to Google, Microsoft, Salesforce They host for you Your app in same datacenters as... The Cloud You don't need to buy machines You don't need to manage equipment (Who wants to maintain old equipment?) You just create the app In fact, it's a SaaS app(!) Reachable (almost) worldwide! (Nearly) armchair production 14
  15. 15. Big data Massive explosion of data Phillip Long & George Siemens (EduCause, 2011) Marcia Connor (Fast Company, 2012) Tim O'Reilly (2003-2013) 15
  16. 16. Long & Siemens Big data is "[a] byproduct of the Internet, computers, mobile devices, and learning management systems (LMSs)" "Listening to a lecture or reading a book leaves limited trails. A hallway conversation essentially vaporizes as soon as it is concluded." "[Every] click, every Tweet or Facebook status update, every social interaction, and every page read online can leave a digital footprint." "Additionally, online learning, digital student records, student cards, sensors, and mobile devices now capture rich data trails and activity streams." "[Learner-produced] data trails provide valuable insight into what is actually happening... and suggest ways in which educators can make improvements. educause.edu/ero/article/penetrating-fog-analytics-learning-and-education Marcia Connor 2012: 2.5 quintillion (10^18) bytes of data created 90% of world's data created in the last two years alone Producing more data daily than was seen since beginning of time Email: 144.8 billion/day Twitter: 340MM+ tweets/day YouTube: 100 hours/min Google: 2MM+ search queries/min Facebook posts, Instagram photos, etc. j.mp/BigDataMuscles marciaconner.com/blog/data-on-big-data 16
  17. 17. Tim O'Reilly "Big data is what happened when the cost of storing information became less than the cost of making the decision to throw it away." [quoting personal email correspondence from George Dyson, 2013] twitter.com/timoreilly/status/314222624756609025 "[Companies] that have massive amounts of data without massive amounts of clue are going to be displaced by startups that have less data but more clue...." [2011] plus.google.com/+TimOReilly/posts/4Xa76AtxYwd "Data is the next Intel Inside." [2005] oreilly.com/web2/archive/what-is-web-20.html?page=3 "We're entering a new world in which data may be more important than software." [2003] paradox1x.org/2003/07/tim-oreilly-on Cloud: big data access Big data needs processing NoSQL/Non-relational databases MapReduce, Hadoop, etc. Big data needs analyzing Data Science is a major... Data Scientist is a job! 17
  18. 18. Lots of data requires... Analysis Intelligence Google BigQuery Analyze terabytes of data in seconds Not hours, not days http://bigquery.cloud.google.com Take a tour! cloud.google.com/bigquery-tour 18
  19. 19. Smart apps Google Prediction Multiple machine learning algorithms Helps apps be more intelligent Google Prediction 19
  20. 20. How does it work? Endless Number of Applications 20
  21. 21. Need humans? Amazon Mechanical Turk Human power marketplace for work "Artificial Artificial Intelligence" Workers Work from home (home-sourcing) Choose your hours, get paid Requesters Create work (tasks/"HITs") Global on-demand 24x7 workforce Pay when work completed mturk.com 21
  22. 22. Conclusion Desktop software will "PaaS" Cloud computing and the Web == The Future Google Apps just the start Why is Google making Chromebooks? Not just Google either! The future Everyone online anytime/anywhere Everyone learns anytime/anywhere Everyone codes Cloud + Big Data + Smart applications Data science, deep data analytics Why everyone code? (code.org) 22
  23. 23. Thank You! Q&A +Wesley Chun Google, Inc. wesc+api@google.com @wescpy goo.gl/GvoTdj FINIS 23