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Chromebook Classroom - TCEA 2014 (W. Chun & L. Anderson)


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"Chromebook Classroom" session slide deck, as presented by Liz Anderson and Wesley Chun at TCEA in Austin, Feb 2014.

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Chromebook Classroom - TCEA 2014 (W. Chun & L. Anderson)

  1. 1. Contribute questions at: +WesleyChun (@wescpy) Developer Advocate Google TCEA 2014
  2. 2. About the Speaker: I Code
  3. 3. About the Speaker: I Teach
  4. 4. About the Speaker: I Write
  5. 5. Prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist
  6. 6. Open technology can help transform education Platform Devices Content
  7. 7. A snapshot of Google & Education By the numbers ● 30M+ global Google Apps for EDU users ● Majority of the top 100 US universities ● 7 of the 8 Ivy League universities ● 425M+ active Gmail users (monthly) Ecosystem ● Google Apps for Education ● Chromebooks & Android mobile devices ● Chrome Web Store, Google Play for Education ● YouTube EDU & YouTube for Schools ● Professional Development & Certification ○ ○ Google Educator, Google Education Trainer Google Certified Teacher/Google Teacher Academy
  8. 8. Google Apps for Education
  9. 9. Google Apps for Education Gmail Hangouts Groups Calendar Drive Sites Vault Keep everything and find it fast with search. IM & video chat as easy as email. Create and work in teams easily. Share schedules & calendars instantly. Collaborate as you create with Docs, Sheets, Slides & more Make and manage your own sites. Optional archiving, ediscovery, info governance. Free No Ads Enterprise Management 30GB Cloud Storage Your Domain Name Advanced Integration 24x7 Support Other Google services
  10. 10. Seamless and secure access across multiple devices gives students, teachers and administrators choice
  11. 11. Collaborate simultaneously to share information… work solo or together anytime, anywhere
  12. 12. ● Real-time online access ● Unlimited by single computer constraints ● Offline-enabled
  13. 13. Devices
  14. 14. 1 in 4 ~25% (2013 Q4 prelim.) ~19% (2013 Q1-Q3) < 1% (2012) Source: Futuresource Consulting (all devices in US education market) Reported Jan 2014 by: Business Standard -- Gadgets and Technology blog-- Wall St. Journal --
  15. 15. Speed Security Simplicity Chromebooks for Education Affordability
  16. 16. Chromebooks help you do what you need to get done. Fast. Fast to start up and fast to resume Fast to connect, no matter where you are Fast to search and navigate the web 8 seconds from off to web, and less than a second to resume. With a battery that lasts all day. Chromebooks are optimized for connectivity, so you have quick, all-day access to your stuff. Chromebooks have a keyboard and touchpad made for getting around the web as fast as possible.
  17. 17. Chromebooks have security built in Sandboxing Verified boot Data storage and encryption Apps, sites, browser run in restricted environment, preventing cross-app and OS exploitation. OS is checked for tampering on every boot using custom security hardware. User data on the device is encrypted at 128-bit. Local data is segmented and isolated by user.
  18. 18. Chromebooks offer a simple Web computing experience Everything in sync Forever fresh Easy to manage Access to all of your files, photos, emails and everything else wherever you go, just by signing in. Chromebooks get better over time. Every time you turn it on, it updates itself to the latest and greatest. No touch, no patches! Control settings from one admin control panel. Update devices with new settings through the cloud.
  19. 19. Easy set-up and management Seamless setup Touchless deployment and personalization of devices & user experience Management console Organize and manage device settings & policies from one web-page Scalable Manage 4 devices or 40,000 all from a web browser
  20. 20. The Google management console Proxy filters Disable guest access Kiosk mode PARCC and Smarter Balance compliant Bulk provision apps And more!
  21. 21. Management Console: Apps CPanel
  22. 22. Management Console: Device Management
  23. 23. Management Console: ChromeOS Management
  24. 24. Management Console: User Settings
  25. 25. Chromebooks are affordable with a range of devices
  26. 26. Affordable, flexible and easy to manage 3 year cost -75% IT hours to deploy Annual support time -70% -90% Source: IDC White Paper: Quantifying the Economic Value of Chromebooks for K-12 Education, Aug 2012 --
  27. 27. Device siblings… Vibrant tablet ecosystem
  28. 28. Content
  29. 29. Chrome Web Store
  30. 30. App packs curated by educators Include best & most popular apps for different grade levels
  31. 31. Bulk app management in admin panel Bulk pre-install apps to user groups via the admin panel
  32. 32. 700,000+ YouTube EDU videos
  33. 33. FAQs How do I get insurance on the Chromebooks? How do I print from a Chromebook? Do Chromebooks support Java? What can I do when my Chromebook is offline?
  34. 34. Additional insurance available from 3rd-party providers ● ● Standard Chromebook warranty: 12 months parts & labor Optional/additional warranties from: Worth Ave Group, Square Trade ○ 1-5 year plans available ○ Deductible options and NO questions asked ○ 24/7 customer support and free shipping to depot
  35. 35. Use Google Cloud Print to print directly from a Chromebook
  36. 36. Java (in)security
  37. 37. Chrome Web Store offers entire category of offline apps
  38. 38. “Having Google Chromebooks and Apps for Education created a more collaborative and interactive learning environment for both students and faculty at Council Bluffs Community School District. And class attendance rates have increased since introducing Chromebooks, which directly impacts the graduation rate.” David Fringer, Director of Information Systems Council Bluffs Community School District
  39. 39. Get Started. Take these steps. Embrace Connect Expand Bring the district on Google Apps as a first step Do a Chromebook pilot in one or a few schools Find out what going 1:1 for your district would look like
  40. 40. Thanks for coming! Q&A For questions or to start your pilot, contact your local rep: Kevin Hodges 512-348-6573 Wesley Chun Developer Advocate, Google @wescpy