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BuddyPress Tips: How We Built chekmrk


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BuddyPress is a plugin created by the makers of WordPress, Automattic. It's an incredible tool that is rarely understood and under appreciated. In this presentation I illustrate how we harnessed the power of BuddyPress to build a project management system called chekmrk. Our topics include, Why project management apps are important. How we chose BuddyPress to build chekmrk. Why chekmrk is different. How we used BuddyPress to build chekmrk.

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BuddyPress Tips: How We Built chekmrk

  1. 1. BuddyPress Tips:How we built chekmrk
  2. 2. Innovation happens by knowing whatthe rules are and then bending themor breaking them to do what we want. How we built chekmrk
  3. 3. BuddyPress is a powerful tool. Wediscovered a unique way to use thesoftware. We challenged ourselves tothink about the software differently. How we built chekmrk
  4. 4. DATA: how do you get dataabout your business? How we built chekmrk
  5. 5. At the heart of the issue is the failureto distinguish between narrative, dataand method. - Greg Glassman, Founder, CrossFit (In response to the fitness industries unsubstantiated claims. Example: Why doesn’t the “AB Roller” work?) How we built chekmrk
  6. 6. Narrative is a story. “Our projects are on time and on budget!” How we built chekmrk
  7. 7. Data is something that is measurable,observable and repeatable. “It takes us 3 months to build a website.” How we built chekmrk
  8. 8. Method is the exactapproach you took. “We use the Waterfall process.” How we built chekmrk
  9. 9. Narrative, Data and Method cannotexist independently. - Narrative is just guesses without data - Data needs narrative for direction - Method needs data to figure out which process to employ How we built chekmrk
  10. 10. Businesses can use Narrative, Dataand Method, to track projects better. - Narrative is the project scope - Data are the tasks for the project - Method is the software used to complete the tasks How we built chekmrk
  11. 11. How are you keeping track? - A project management app is one of the few tools we have to measure the success of our business. How we built chekmrk
  12. 12. Why use a project management app?• Keep project on track• Central place for communication• Accountability, if its not in the project it doesnt exist.• Team member leaves, the next person can pick up quickly.• Anyone can go on vacation at any time. How we built chekmrk
  13. 13. HISTORY: how we choseBuddyPress to build a projectmanagement application. How we built chekmrk
  14. 14. ProjectGroupie (2003 - 2009)Pre-BuddyPress - The first projectmanagement app we built How we built chekmrk
  15. 15. When we built ProjectGroupie, welearned a lot about how peopleactually manage projects.• People dont use most features• People relied on email updates a lot• People liked having a dashboard• Communication happened outside• Scaling the app was difficult. How we built chekmrk
  16. 16. BuddyPress 1.0 (April 30, 2009) BuddyPress is a social networking plugin.Incredible sharing and data collection features. How we built chekmrk
  17. 17. Why BuddyPress?It’s about the sharing and data.• Display data from all main areas, Activity, Forums, Members, Groups, Blogs, Group Members, Private Messages and Profile.• Share data across features, between users• Extensive plugin utilities• Custom profile build out• Keep data public or private How we built chekmrk
  18. 18. ProjectGroupie was “project centric”We realized people contribute to projects.Projects don’t contribute to people. How we built chekmrk
  19. 19. chekmrk is people centric.chekmrk is a “virtual hallway” where people canshare and contribute to others projects. How we built chekmrk
  20. 20. HOW BUDDYPRESS WORKS: How we built chekmrk
  21. 21. BuddyPress is just a plugin ( With Privileges ) How we built chekmrk
  22. 22. This doesn’t look like WordPress!What we see when we first install BuddyPress How we built chekmrk
  23. 23. Essentially, we created a childtheme of BuddyPress. Strippingeverything away and only bringingback in what we wanted, where wewanted it. How we built chekmrk
  24. 24. How to customize BuddyPress• Create a child theme• Build custom templates for pages• Add BuddyPress or WordPress Plugins• Use conditionals for public or network• Create multiple menus for better UI• All WP & BP tags and functions play well together How we built chekmrk
  25. 25. chekmrk public facing site How we built chekmrk
  26. 26. chekmrk network dashboard How we built chekmrk
  27. 27. THE BREAKDOWN: How we get the data How we built chekmrk
  28. 28. Using WP functions and BP tags How we built chekmrk
  29. 29. WP, BP Loops & Filters How we built chekmrk
  30. 30. BP Group LoopsHow we built chekmrk
  31. 31. BuddyPress Creative Power Tips• Create template pages for flexibility• Use template tags to customize display• Mix and Match WP & BP tags and functions• Really tweak CSS to make it yours• Experiment with BP Plugins How we built chekmrk
  32. 32. BuddyPress Resources•••••• How we built chekmrk
  33. 33. Thank you!• Slides at• chekmrk invite signup• For any questions feel free to contact me!• How we built chekmrk