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Value of tourism space


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Value of tourism space

  1. 1. Value of Tourism Space Roberto Echeverría Venegas Daniel Díaz de León Sánchez Verónica Orozco Mata
  2. 2. Tourism Space Is the consequence of presence and territorial distribution of tourist attractions.
  3. 3. Tourism Space Tourism Space is formed by several components, territorial distribution allows recognizing this groups, the characteristics and hierarchy.
  4. 4. Tourism Area Tourism SpaceTourism Tourist Zone Center
  5. 5. Tourist Zone Variable surface, depends on the extension of the territory. 10 0r more tourist attractions One or several tourist centers.
  6. 6. Tourist Area The areas are the parts in which the zone is divided. Surface smaller than the Tourist Zone. Number of tourist attractions not bigger than 10. Those attractions are one near to each other and have transportation between them.
  7. 7. Tourist Center This is the place where we can found tourist attractions and services like hostage and recreation. There’re 4 types of centers: Distribution tourist center Scale tourist center Excursion tourist center Tourist center for staying
  8. 8. Tourism Space Tourist Zone Tourist AreaTourist Attractive Corridors
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