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The results from survey created to see how Kraft employees use social media.

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Initial report

  1. 1. Initial Report Last Modified: 03/31/20111. Thank you for your time. This survey will help me betterunderstand your usage of Social Media and how Kraft could integrateSocial Media in the work place. Your responses are greatlyappreciated and will be used during my internship presentation. Theanswers cannot be tracked and completing the entire survey is greatlyappreciated! Thanks!Please click next to begin the survey:# Answer Response %1 next 22 100% Total 22 100%Statistic ValueMin Value 1Max Value 1Mean 1.00Variance 0.00Standard Deviation 0.00Total Responses 222. Social Media:Social media are media for social interaction, usinghighly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Socialmedia is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turncommunication into interactive dialogue. Examples: Facebook,Twitter, Flickr, Blogs, YouTube, Kraft Portal, ect...# Answer Response %1 next 20 100% Total 20 100%
  2. 2. Statistic ValueMin Value 1Max Value 1Mean 1.00Variance 0.00Standard Deviation 0.00Total Responses 203. What is your current position at Kraft?Text ResponseARIMKroger Customer Demand PlannerManagement Development AssociateMarket TrainerRegion Director of RetailRegion Vice PresidentRetail Customer Manager Wal-MartRetail Sales ManagerSales AnalystSales Repsales repSales Repsales rep.SalesRep.Sales RepresenitiveSales RepresentativeSales RepresentativeSenior SSRSenior SSRsrSRSR
  3. 3. Statistic ValueTotal Responses 224. How many years have you been working at Kraft?# Answer Response %1 0-5 11 50%2 6-10 1 5%3 11-15 4 18%4 16+ 6 27% Total 22 100%Statistic ValueMin Value 1Max Value 4Mean 2.23Variance 1.80Standard Deviation 1.34Total Responses 225. How old are you?# Answer Response %1 18-25 9 41%2 26-34 3 14%3 35-54 9 41%4 55-64 1 5%5 65 or over 0 0% Total 22 100%65 or over
  4. 4. Statistic ValueMin Value 1Max Value 4Mean 2.09Variance 1.04Standard Deviation 1.02Total Responses 226. Do you own a smart phone?# Answer Response %1 Yes 15 68%2 No 7 32% Total 22 100%
  5. 5. Statistic ValueMin Value 1Max Value 2Mean 1.32Variance 0.23Standard Deviation 0.48Total Responses 227. What forms of Social Media do you use? (Check all that apply)
  6. 6. # Answer Response %1 Facebook 14 67%2 Twitter 3 14%3 Youtube 18 86%4 Foursquare 0 0%5 Blogs 1 5%6 MySpace 2 10%7 Flickr/Photobucket 0 0%8 LinkedIn 11 52%9 GoogleDocs/DropBox 3 14%10 Pandora 11 52%11 Other 4 19%12 none 2 10%Statistic ValueMin Value 1Max Value 12Total Responses 21
  7. 7. 8. What forms of social media do you use to help you be moreproductive at work? or none?Text ResponseSome Apple Apps, like Numbers and CalendarNonenonenoneNoneCurrently, None.NoneNone for workTeam sites and MyHR Onlinenoneemail, text messagesNoneFacebook, Google, Pandora, Text messagingpandoraNone at workBlogsNonenoneNoneMaybe a facebook or blog page page dedicated to our team alone to post ieas, successes, questions, etc.Statistic ValueTotal Responses 20
  8. 8. 9. Do you think social media could better your work?# Answer Response %1 Yes 8 38%2 Maybe 9 43%3 No 4 19% Total 21 100%Statistic ValueMin Value 1Max Value 3Mean 1.81Variance 0.56Standard Deviation 0.75Total Responses 21
  9. 9. 10. Why?Text ResponseGets me in touch with how people are communicating in todays business environmentAPP FOR DELIVERY TIMEScomunicationThey can be helpful, but also distracting. In field sales it can be annoying to have to be connected. Ourprimary concern is the customer, but our peers can be helpful tools.I am confident that there are ways that social networking would add valueI dont think social media will help us out in the sales field.not relaventmore productiveMy time is precious, I need to be the stores selling. Versus, wondering who going to intercept me.It is a a quick, easy, and typically free. I feel we can communicate and share ideas across teams, regions,and areas.Being such a large company, using social media cant assist in faster and more efficient communicationwhile also reducing costs associated with travel.can give you quick access or ideas to the latest bits of news and relevant topics related to a project orpresentationInformation flowI dont think it has been used to its full potential in the work placeI believe social media can create more of a community and improve connectivity within teams.Keep the lines of communication open between team members as our face to face time together is verylimitedStatistic ValueTotal Responses 1611. Please rank the following on how you would like social media tobe used in the work place, 1 being the most and 3 being the least.# Answer 1 2 3 Responses1 Connect with Coworkers while in the field or office 8 10 2 202 Organizational Purposes(i.e. fewer emails) 6 5 9 203 Sharing ideas and success in the field 6 5 9 20 Total 20 20 20 -
  10. 10. Statistic Connect with Coworkers while Organizational Purposes(i.e. Sharing ideas and in the field or office fewer emails) success in the fieldMin Value 1 1 1Max Value 3 3 3Mean 1.70 2.15 2.15Variance 0.43 0.77 0.77Standard 0.66 0.88 0.88DeviationTotal 20 20 20Responses12. Do you follow Kraft on any of their social media sites? (facebook,twitter, apps, ect...)# Answer Response %1 yes 11 52%2 no 10 48% Total 21 100%Statistic ValueMin Value 1Max Value 2Mean 1.48Variance 0.26Standard Deviation 0.51Total Responses 21
  11. 11. 13. Would you be more willing to use social media now that allcomputers will be wireless at all times? (Gobi chip)# Answer Response %1 yes 15 71%2 maybe 4 19%3 no 2 10% Total 21 100%Statistic ValueMin Value 1Max Value 3Mean 1.38Variance 0.45Standard Deviation 0.67Total Responses 21
  12. 12. 14. What ways would you like to connect more with your team?Text ResponseDaily selling successesText, phoneteam building eventsteam eventsVia computer in storestimely communicationN/Ashare ideas and information at a quite paceupdated infoN/AText, instant message (office communicator) and Facebookdisplay idea sharing, selling ideas, problem solvingReal time success and challenges in the fieldNet MediaSome short of sharing and Idea and question answering networkShare ideas and improve relationships.Selling strategies, successesStatistic ValueTotal Responses 1715. How often do you go on the Kraft team sites per month? (days)# Answer Min Value Max Value Average Value Standard Deviation1 Yes 0 31 13.59 9.29
  13. 13. 16. What are you using the Kraft Team sites for?Text ResponseSales Numbers, logos for presentationsNew item launches, customer promotionsinformation gatheringinformationselling and infoSelling tools is number 1, ad information and display plans, sometimes planogramsMaps, new items, new eventsreports, planningReports and going to the Customer Business Teams SitesAd info , Team Activities ,Different Customers updatesretail inf0Confirming Ad activity and updatesfor informationPOS, objectives, idea sharing, HRPosting sales information, reasearching sales data, customer plans, etc.Trackers, inventory info, best practicesreportingInformation that I cant find in my tabletReports/InformationInformation.BrowsingStatistic ValueTotal Responses 2117. To what extent do you agree with the following?# Question Strongly Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Responses Mean Disagree Agree nor Agree Disagree Would like to see1 the team site 1 0 3 11 7 22 4.05 utilized more
  14. 14. Statistic Would like to see the team site utilized moreMin Value 1Max Value 5Mean 4.05Variance 0.90Standard Deviation 0.95Total Responses 22