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"Wer liefert was" @NOAH London


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"Wer liefert was" @NOAH London

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"Wer liefert was" @NOAH London

  1. 1. Der führende B2B-Marktplatz The #1 B2B Online Marketplace in Europe London, 10th November 2016 Peter F. Schmid
  2. 2. Online B2B sales in 2020 (USDbn) B2B more than twice the size of B2C B2B market worldwide in 2020 „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016 Source: B2B eCommerce, PFSweb, 2015 Europe1,800 China 2,100 North America 1,900 RoW 900 B2B sales 2020 Online B2C vs. B2B sales in 2020 (USDbn) Source: Future of B2B Online Retailing, Frost & Sullivan, 2015 Online B2C 3,200 Online B2B 6,700 approx. 2x Conclusion Online B2B space for complex industrial products still to be captured and materially larger than B2C, however just at inception as B2B customer behavior will follow B2C’s
  3. 3. Online marketplace model with untapped potential for B2B B2B B2C STANDARDIZED LOW MARGIN < 5% COMPLEX HIGH MARGIN > 20% + fragmented landscape of niche supplier directories and RFX platforms + 100 + eCommerce shops per vertical (fashion, consumer electronics, food, home & living,…) Travel Real Estate Cars Finan- cials … Hori- zontals … Complex industrial products & services „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016
  4. 4. „Wer liefert was“ „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016 combines highest quality B2B visibility and leads Product SERP Category and full text search geared towards needs of industrial SMEs
  5. 5. „Wer liefert was“ „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016 combines highest quality B2B visibility and leads Supplier portfolio Product portfolio with easy to handle search tool
  6. 6. „Wer liefert was“ „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016 combines highest quality B2B visibility and leads Product details Product selection with detailed specifications Product details Contact form Conclusion Convenient online B2B product search & select marketplace with now 5m products online
  7. 7. Traffic of product market place / Number of products „Wer liefert was“ „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016 Oct 2015 bis EOY 2016Page impressions product details 2016 per week 76,000 week 1 175,000 week 42 0 5 Million
  8. 8. Our vision „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016 Make Europe’s B2B products accessible worldwide.
  9. 9. Business partners since 2014 – in August 2016 acquisition of EUROPAGES The best European B2B marketplaces now in one package With a combined offer & combined publishing, companies benefit from higher exposure to central Europe countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 29domains + 26languages 2.5million suppliers 5million products 3.4 million Unique Visitors/month 48 million Visits/year „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016
  10. 10. „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016 ?As Europe‘s #1 in B2B, comparable to key players in the US, India and China, wlw & EUROPAGES are the B2B online trade gateway to and from Europe. „Wer liefert was“ & EUROPAGES Europe’s industrial B2B online champion
  11. 11. What’s next? 2016-2021 „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016 Core 45 Mio. Revenues EURm Conclusion: We use our digital core business as the proven growth platform and invest in further growth pillars. B2B online marketing Europe International Data initiatives & APIs
  12. 12. „Wer liefert was“ @NOAH, London 2016 Do you have questions? Don‘t hesitate to contact me!