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Spain by Ola n.


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Spain by Ola n.

  1. 1. Official name: Kingdom of SpainArea: 504 750 km2Population: 39 270 000, on a 77 km2Capital: MadridGovernment: Parliamentary monarchyCurrency: EuroLanguage: Castilian Spanish (official),Catalan, Galician, BasqueReligions: Christianity (Catholicism 99%)
  2. 2. Flag of Spain
  3. 3. Spain is a large country on the Iberianpeninsula. The largest city and also the capitalcity is Madrid. State is divided into 17autonomous regions into each other, andthese in turn into 50 provinces. Spain isseparated from Europe by the Pyrenees, backalmost to the south of Africa. The state includestwo archipelagos: Balearic and Canary Islands.Spain is an attractive country for tourists.
  4. 4. Today in Spain uses the euro. Early Spanishcurrency was the Spanish Peseta.Before Now
  5. 5. Spanish cuisine is specific, because it is basedon the old rules. In Spanish cuisine are popularsnacks - tapas, sometimes called Pinchos,which are present in the diets of the nineteenthcentury. To this day, alive the tradition of eatingtapas are small pubs, usually standing at thebar.
  6. 6. Best to choose a region of their choice at atime when it is celebrated on one of the greatfeasts, such as the carnival preceding theGreat Post.19 March is celebrated Feast ofFire, and then piles on the streets of Valencia,hundreds of huge puppets. In April, especiallythe Spring Festival is celebrated in Seville. Ittakes place when a famous Feria of paradesin colorful costumes, with lots of music, Sevillaand bullfighting.
  7. 7. Feast of Fire CarnivalCorrida
  8. 8. Full of temperament flamenco dance belongs to thecharacteristics of the Iberian Peninsula. He was bornin the fifteenth century in the fiery Andalucia insouthern Spain. Today, rich clothes and jet-black hairgirls are famous throughout the world.Corrida - bull fighting ritual, spectacle popular inSpain. Once the custom popular among thearistocracy, were involved in fights even kings (suchas Philip IV). According to sources, the first korridawas held in honor of Alfonso VIII in 1133.
  9. 9. Yes SíNo NoPlease Por favorThank You GraciasSorry TristeExcuse me PerdónMrs. SeñoraMr. Señor