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  1. 1. A!ach of " WereWolves by Aaron Berley and B$an I$s
  2. 2. Aaron Black lets go pack lets move out we have some vampires to kill. Jayda how are we supposed to do this? Aziz We go and kick some vampire butt. Aaron Black We have to plan this out carefully. Jayda, Aziz, and alexia take peter and matt. Brian’s all mine. Aziz It’ll be easy matt is a terrible fighter and then Jayda and I got peter. Aaron Black Okay but no fooling around you have to be serious let’s move out team. Then they changed into werewolves and headed of for Brian’s house. Peter They are coming. Brian Cullen Who is coming.
  3. 3. Peter It’s the werewolves. Brian Okay get ready to fight we can take them. Matt Me and peter got Jayda, Aziz, and Alexia. You got Aaron right? Brian Yeah I got a bone to pick with him. Peter Enough talk we need to get ready there getting closer every second. So the werewolves charged the house. BOOM!!!!! Peter What was that. Brian Cullen The werewolves there here. Lets go. Aaron Black let’s fight So it was on, Brian was winning against Aaron But Aziz, Jayda, and Alexa were beating peter and Matt.
  4. 4. Brian you’ll never beat us no matter how many werewolves you got on your side. Then there was the sound of people walking on leaves crunch, crunch Aaron Humans, Werewolves fall back!! That was the end of that fight. and That was the end of the weekend. Then the went to school. This was hard because they had gone to the same school. They had some classes to- gether and could not fight. One day after school they had a fight, apparently Peter had hit into Jayda. Aaron So much for a week of peace. Of course one of the teachers came out and saw what had happened now Jayda and Peter are in detention and are 2nd best fighters on both sides. This is just great. So we plan on having fight with our second best gone. Aziz We can take them we still out number them 3 to 2 Aaron No we have to wait we have been waiting for this way to long. They worked and worked and worked. They practiced their fighting skills all day long.
  5. 5. The worked until 12:00 every night. This time they were determined to end this fight. They set out to find the vampires. They were all ready there. They charged and so the fight had begun. Aaron and Brian were head to head and the rest of the werewolves were sur- rounding peter and matt. Matt pounces on alexia, Aziz is about to spear Matt, Direct hit. Matt is down for good no coming back. They all surround peter. Meanwhile Aaron And Brian are still head to head not even stopping for a breath. Aaron tries to claw Brian but he’s to fast it’s like brian knows his every move. Peter got alexia and aziz. He was making Jayda move back and back. Jayda I can’t do it Aaron yes you can just put you mind to the testand you can do anything. Soon Jayda would be off the cliff. Jayda I can’t do this. Aaron don’t give up you got this. Jayda I’m sorry I can’t Aaron Yes you can you can do what ever you put your mind to it.
  6. 6. What ever Jayda did she colud not get away with the enevidable she would soon fall of the cliff. Jayda You’re right I can. I can do this Jayda then flips peter over her. He hung by a thread Peter Please Jayda come on save me. Jayda I’m sorry Peter. with that she steped on his hand and he was off the cliff. He secretly lands in water. She then came and helped Aaron This pushed brian to his limits. He didn’t have a second to attack only defened himself. Aaron struck the final blow and Brian was down. Or not Brian got up and jumped on Aaron. Brian I got you now. Jayda Oh no you don’t With that Jayda Jumped on Brian and knocked him off of Aaron.
  7. 7. Aaron It’s finally over. Lets leave we can’t be here when the humans come. They won’t be happy and they will think that an animal did this so don’t go into werewolve form that much. After Aaron and Jayda left, Brian openend his eyes and Peter came up from the mountin. Brian They killed matt Peter I know we have to get payback. Brian We will. Never give up on anything set your mind on your even if it means being !!!!!!werewolves!!!!!