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Our story - Who's In

  1. 1. Our Story
  2. 2. 3 protagonists N!"# L!$$%"#rJ#r#& J! Br#"" K#(()r#*
  3. 3. O+". 1, 2011 From our experience with various startup projects We identify a problem…
  4. 4. Problem: Deciding where to go out with friends is a pain
  5. 5. O+". 3, 2011 We begin our adventure by entering…
  6. 6. O+". 3, 2011 Idea 1 – Social bookmarking tool for places “The Instapaper for Places”Hypothesis – Saving places we want to go andseeing where friends want to go makes deciding easier
  7. 7. O+". 3, 2011 We begin to: Build prototype & Talk to everyone!
  8. 8. O+". 24, 2011 1st prototype designed & built in 21 days
  9. 9. O+". 24, 2011 Consumer research conducted in 21 days 72 interviews 236 surveys 6 designs tested
  10. 10. O+". 24, 2011 Research Learnings •  2/3 of people view organizing activities with friends as a “pain in the ass” •  The info people find most useful is: 70%  of  people  found   most  useful  Conclusion – Knowing where friends want to go makesdeciding where to go much easier
  11. 11. O+". 31, 2011 Idea 2 – Social planning tool “Easiest way to make plans with friends”Hypothesis – Consolidating group communicationsin one place and enabling voting will make deciding ona place to go easier
  12. 12. Over the next 2 ½ months we…
  13. 13. N,v. 8, 2011 Design for mobile…
  14. 14. N,v. 10, 2011 Design for Facebook…
  15. 15. D#+. 1, 2011 Prototype for Mobile…
  16. 16. D#+. 1, 2011 Prototype for Mobile…
  17. 17. Check Out Demo Videos of PrototypesMobile Demo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJTi49y6mVoFacebook App Demo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHjE3tVn98I
  18. 18. D#+. 15, 2011 More Testing… beta tester interviews usability testing
  19. 19. J!*. 15, 2012 Research Learnings •  Hard to plan time sensitive activities between friends that have the app and friends that don’t via Facebook. People don’t respond or notice communications via Facebook as quickly as they do with SMS and email, the primary tools for planning time sensitive activities. •  Our solution needs to be 10x better than the existing tools people use (text message and email) in order to change people’s behaviors. It appears that our solution is only slightly better. •  Users need content in the beginning of the product experience in order to be engaged and want to come back. With our app, most users didn’t have any messages in the beginning, and therefor didn’t come back. Conclusion – Focusing on the communication between people wasn’t working. Existing tools are good enough.
  20. 20. We go back to the drawing board and re-think social bookmarking, where we began…
  21. 21. F#b. 1, 2012 Re-thinking Social Bookmarking 1. Focus on unlocking each others desires Near term – places of desire Longer term – any desire, a place…activity…adventure 2. Leverage SMS and email instead of creating a new communication channel New Overview Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=O8xKFph3fAQ
  22. 22. F#b. 15, 2012 Back to bookmarking, but built around people and their desires. We focus on mobile first.
  23. 23. F#b. 15, 2012We also begin exploring a visual experience for the web…
  24. 24. F#b. 15, 2012We also begin exploring a visual experience for the web…
  25. 25. M!r+- 6, 2012 We test more, and learn… We all have a list of desires…trying a new sushi spot, a wine bar a friend just went to, a concert for your favorite new band, BUT we can’t easily share these desires with our friends and see their desires unless we’re talking with one another. We all want to share what we desire with our friends, and find out who’s in with us.
  26. 26. M!r+- 9, 2012 New Vision Help you achieve your desires by sharing them with the people you want to experience those desires with From the everyday desire of trying a new restaurant…to the once in a life time desire to travel the world… We help people find Who’s In
  27. 27. M!r+- 14, 2012 We go live in the Apple App Store Download it now!
  28. 28. Much more to come…