LiquidThreads wikimania 2010


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MediaWiki currently uses an ad-hoc discussion system, which suffers from a poor workflow for common cases, a lack of tracking and instrumentation, and the imposition of onerous maintenance requirements for high-volume discussion pages.

I present an alternative system, called LiquidThreads, which I have been working on with the assistance of the Wikimedia Foundation.

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LiquidThreads wikimania 2010

  1. 1. Threaded Discussions on MediaWiki with LiquidThreads Andrew Garrett, Wikimedia Foundation
  2. 2. The Status Quo • Discussion Pages are freeform wikitext pages. • Advantages: • Flexible • Disadvantages: • Common case workflow is non-obvious • High-volume pages need bots for archival, other common operations • Difficult to track, analyze
  3. 3. Design Goals • Simple workflow for common cases • Most maintenance happens by itself • Rich notification and analysis built-in • Slick, responsive interface • Retain wiki-like flexibility
  4. 4. LiquidThreads
  5. 5. Current Deployments • Translatewiki • Strategic planning process • English Wikinews • Lots of external users
  6. 6. The future of LiquidThreads • New staff assigned • UI Refresh • Gradually expanding test deployments. • New features
  7. 7. Roadmap • Next few weeks: New version deployed to a few small projects by request (Hungarian Wikipedia, Swedish Wikisource, ...). • Next few months: interface updates • Long-term: test deployments on larger sites • Later: full scale deployment
  8. 8. Questions and Answers Andrew Garrett