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Day 2: Trends in citizen input to the work of parliament, Ms. María Luisa Sotomayor, U-Report / UNICEF Global Innovation Center


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Numerous participatory processes are being developed in law-making. What are the most effective ways to connect parliaments and citizens? To what extent do these processes address the digital divide within countries, which leaves many men and women feeling angry and excluded from the political process?

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Day 2: Trends in citizen input to the work of parliament, Ms. María Luisa Sotomayor, U-Report / UNICEF Global Innovation Center

  1. 1. World e-Parliament Conference Inter-Parliamentary Union Trends in citizen input to the work of parliament María Luisa Sotomayor:
  2. 2. Agenda I will provide a tool that connects young people and authorities • What’s U-Report • Presence and outreach • Purpose and goals • Examples around the world • Uses from governments and MPs • Working together towards participation
  3. 3. We have all seen how participation is changing…. from this:
  4. 4. …to this
  5. 5. What’s U-Report U-Report is a social messaging tool designed to give young people and communities a chance to voice their opinions and create positive change around issues that they care about. Weekly communication via different channels: SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, U-Report App, Telegram.
  6. 6. U-Report outreach today
  7. 7. Empower young people to share opinions on issues that matter to them. Provide valuable information to community members and government. Reduce the distance between government and constituents. Use citizen data to improve accountability and strengthen programs. Influence positive behavior change. Our purpose
  8. 8. How U-Report works U-Reporters opt-in and answer to weekly polls. Data is displayed in real time in public websites, and then used to achieve change. Users are mapped by location, gender and age, and can be addressed by any of the fields at any time.
  10. 10. In real time, that same question by location
  11. 11. By gender
  12. 12. By age
  13. 13. Outcome
  14. 14. How can MPs use U-Report? WHAT: - Directly connect with constituents: send out questions and respond to U-Reporters. - Get constituents’ opinions before passing on legislation. BENEFITS: - Connect with many without travel. - Get real time information on a situation as it evolves. - Connect with other MPs on issues raised by people.
  15. 15. How can MPs use U-Report?
  16. 16. How can MPs use U-Report?
  17. 17. What are the benefits of U-Report Across the globe our U-Reporters are weekly engaging on a number if issues: violence, protection, education, gender equality, disease outbreaks, HIV/AIDS, vaccination, governance, security, to name a few. And through U-Report our teams are able to… Understand their audience / victims / constituents Influence policy and programs Identify societal issues
  18. 18. U-Report is tied to SDGs Declaration: (52) It is an Agenda of the people, by the people, and for the people – and this, we believe, will ensure its success. Follow-Up & Review • 72. We commit to engage in systematic follow-up and review of implementation of this Agenda over the next fifteen years. A robust, voluntary, effective, participatory, transparent and integrated follow-up and review framework will make a vital contribution to implementation and will help countries to maximize and track progress in implementing this Agenda in order to ensure that no one is left behind. • 74 (d). Follow-up and review processes at all levels will be guided by the following principles...They will be open, inclusive, participatory and transparent for all people and will support the reporting by all relevant stakeholders.
  20. 20. What now? We can work together in connecting young people and their governments. We can channel new kinds of participation: real time data can mean positive change. Work with UNICEF for bringing you even closer to your constituents. If you want to connect with your U-Report team in your country e-mail María Luisa Sotomayor: