Day 1: Legislative document management, Ms. Shirley-Ann Fiagome, ICT Director, Parliament, Ghana

Jul. 6, 2016

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Day 1: Legislative document management, Ms. Shirley-Ann Fiagome, ICT Director, Parliament, Ghana

  1. World e-Parliament Conference 2016 #eParliament 28-30 June 2016 // Chamber of Deputies of Chile // Valparaiso LEGISLATIVE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT PARLIAMENT OF GHANA - SHIRLEY-ANN FIAGOME DIRECTOR OF ICT
  2. Legislative Document Management Parliament of Ghana Currently not using any XML Solution A donor funded project to implement a document management system using XML has been delayed. With or without open data technologies the need for an open and transparent Parliament still exists. We use what we have to ensure this.
  3. Document produced and published on the website  Hansard – Official Report  Order Paper  Votes and Proceedings  Business Statement  Bills and Acts
  4. How our Hansard is produced  Two systems running concurrently  Reporters sit in the Chamber and record shorthand in 10 minute shifts using Sony IC digital recorders  Transcription on their desktop computer in Microsoft Word.  The Audio Visual department records and post 10 minutes takes in a file share for reporters.  A 40 minute take is also posted for the sub editors who do the collation.
  5. The Hansard Processes
  6. The Hansard Process Continued  Final Document converted from word to Pagemaker printed and stapled.  Placed in a shared folder.  ICT department converts final document to PDF.  Document is posted to the website, sent by email to MPs  Document also loaded onto Bosch DCN units in the Chamber
  7. Table Office Documents  Order Paper  Votes and Proceedings  Business Statement  Agenda
  8. Documents are derived through a consultative Process  Final Documents produced using Microsoft word  Converted to PDF by table office  Sent by email to MPs  Uploaded to Parliament Watch app
  9. Bills and Acts of Parliament  Bills are from the executive  Drafted by the AGs department  Printed and delivered in both hard and soft copies to the Table Office  Uploaded to the Website App Bosch Multimedia system in the chamber  ACTS are published and gazetted by the assembly press.
  10. Open & Transparent Parliament  What we are committed to ensuring that our Parliament is as open and transparent as possible  Instead of technology we must focus on the processes, the human processes, organization of staff, that they all know well what to do and how to do.
  11. Conclusion  Due to the high cost of open data technologies many legislatures cannot easily implement systems that enable open data and have to operate in the similar way. It is important as conference participants that we have to work together to make the access to the technology better and sustainable, for example through inter-parliamentary cooperation, and technical assistance.

Editor's Notes

  1. Various stakeholders including Parliamentary Leadership, Ministers, Members of Parliament contribute towards this process
  2. Staff are being trained and as part of the Strategic Plan parliament will setup legislative drafting office to assist with Private members bills