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Day 1: ICT Strategic Planning, Mr Than Zaw Oo, Director, ICT Directorate, and Mr. Oakkar Maung, Union Hluttaw, Myanmar

  1. World e-Parliament Conference 2016 #eParliament 28-30 June 2016 // Chamber of Deputies of Chile // Valparaiso ICT Strategic Planning Myanmar Parliament
  2. Myanmar Parliament Mr. Than Zaw Oo (Director ICT, Pyithu Hluttaw) Mr. Oakkar Maung (ICT Project Manager, UNDP/IPU Parliamentary Support Programme)
  3. Establishment of the Myanmar Parliament Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (Union Assembly) Pyithu Hluttaw (House of Representativ es) Amyotha Hluttaw (House of Nationalities) - 2008 constitution - 3 houses - 2010 re-establishment of the Parliament - New members of parliament, but also all new staff and therefore all services are new - No ICT services - Low level of ICT capability The national level of the Parliament Parliament and ICT started more or less at the same time in Myanmar which present both challenges and opportunities.
  4. Individual ICT initiatives  Purchase of ICT equipment  Development of Data Centre in each house  Result in no coordination and little compatibility and standardization of equipment  Need for a strategic plan
  5. Steps for develop a strategic plan  Issues and challenges identified  Short term and long term plan  Establishment of a steering committee Monitor progress against ICT strategic plan, discuss and agree ICT standards and policies, consider requests to access shared systems, keep DGs/Speakers informed.
  6. How has the strategic plan helped implement and develop the ICT services  Integrated ICT structure  Integrated website and intranet  Structured capacity building for maintenance and use
  7. How will the new ICT services benefit the parliament  Improved Information management  Better access to information by both internal and external.