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Day 1: ICT Strategic Planning, Mr. Rob Greig, Director of Parliamentary Digital Service, United Kingdom

  1. A Digital Strategy for Parliament Rob Greig Director of the Digital Service
  2. We will see further exponential change between now and 2020
  3. Digital technology will cease to be a separate and distinct domain “We won’t think about going online or looking on the internet for something - we’ll just be online, and just look”. Joe Touch , director - USC Information Sciences Institute
  4. There will be an exponential growth in BIG data Free access to ‘open data’ will increase “This will change how we think about people, how we establish trust, how we negotiate change, failure and success”. Judith Donath, fellow at Harvard University
  5. Technology will provide new ways to harness the crowd “This will change a lot of social practices such as dating , job hunting and professional networking and gaming as well as policing and espionage”. Daren C. Brabham, a professor at the Annenburg School for communication and journalism USC
  6. We will be using devices that don’t even exist today “The most significant impact of the Internet is getting us to imagine different paths that the future may take. These paths help us to be better prepared for the long-term contingencies; flexible enough to accommodate change”. Sonigitu Asibong Ekpe, Agecare Foundation
  7. Everything will be connected to the Internet “We are truly going through a paradigm shift. The greatest impact of the Internet is what we are already witnessing, but it is going to accelerate”. Nishant Shah, professor, Centre for Digital Culture at Leuphana University, Germany
  8. Linear TV will not exist like it does today “We’ll free them (the YouTube generation) from the conventional commissioning process and encourage them to experiment and make original online content so they can inform, educate and entertain each other”. Tony Hall, Director General BBC
  9. ”The internet has fundamentally changed the structure of all organisations and industries” Mike Bracken
  10. [T]echnology in itself is not a panacea and it will not effectively correct poor existing practices…we need to look beyond new digital tools to existing processes that do and do not work, and then critically explore how technology can help us to make democracy work better.” The Democratic Society
  11. As a member I want a digital strategy so that I have a clear sense of how digital technology can help me to be more effective in my role As a member of administrative staff I want a digital strategy so that it can support my decision making and help me meet my objectives As a member of the Digital Service I want a digital strategy so that I know what my priorities are and how can help meet the strategic objectives of both Houses As a member of the public I want a digital strategy so that I can see how Parliament plans to take advantage of digital technology and have confidence that tax payers money is being spent effectively
  12. 3 Things to remember 1. This is a digital strategy for Parliament 3. The strategy is about change and will change 2. The strategy must deliver
  13. Excellent digital services for a modern Parliament
  14. Aspirations 1. Secure technology that works 2. Good customer service 3. Digital capability 4. Transparent, open and inclusive 5. Effective 6. Efficient, reducing cost 7. Business enabling 8. Digital by default
  15. Principles 1. Start with user needs 2. Focus on our core work 3. Be where people are 4. Continuous iteration 5. Simplicity 6. Unity without uniformity 7. Collaboration culture 8. Open 9. Experts in what we do

Editor's Notes

  1. Since we last met I’ve been doing a lot of engagement around the vision that we agreed at the last meeting I’ve run some more workshops with digital service staff and presented the vision to them I’ve been talking to a lot of colleagues in both Houses I’ve spoken to a couple of members to get some initial feedback And I’ve presented at a number of forums to my peers in other organisations – british council, NHS The approach - set out in the timeline Targets and actions Measures And I want to keep reminding myself why we are doing this
  2. Alvand, 18, from Syria takes a selfie with his friends as they walk along a railway track after crossing into Hungary from the border with Serbia last week.
  3. These are the characteristics of the destination
  4. Characteristics of culture and behaviour, how we work