L.L. Bean Marketing Strategy


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L.L. Bean final marketing strategy for the New Media Driver's License Spring 2012

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L.L. Bean Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Company ValuesThe Golden Rule:“Sell good merchandise at a reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings and they will always come back for more.”–Leon Leonwood Bean
  2. 2. Target Market Challenges- Active outdoorsmen - Utilization of social- Men and women ages media and keeping 35-54 1 hometown, small- Adventure-seekers business feel- Increasingly targeting - Positioning the brand younger active to the younger consumers generation - Marketing new “L.L.1http://www.nytimes.com/2002/08/27/business/ll- bean-tries-to-escape-the-mail-order- Bean Signature” line wilderness.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm
  3. 3. Goals- Become and stay active on Facebook- Continue and form relationships with customers on Twitter- Develop YouTube channel and create relevant content
  4. 4. Social Media- 6 people in charge of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube- 2 employees for each social media outlet- These employees will spend time responding to customers and updating content
  5. 5. Social Media Social Media, cont.- Twitter: 2 employees will - YouTube: 2 employees are respond to customer responsible for creating tweets, will tweet about videos for all products. current deals, and will Videos will have hold contests online. All specifications and show content will be relevant to details which otherwise the current day cannot be seen unless in- Facebook: 2 employees person. All community will post online version of and company events will most recent catalogue and post customer photos. All be filmed and posted on content will be relevant to YouTube, along with the current month and videos showing L.L. upcoming events Bean products in use.
  6. 6. Internet Marketing Public Relations- L.L. Bean will utilize - 3 employees will be Google AdWords to a responsible for monitoring fuller extent, creating mentions of L.L. Bean on more specific keywords. Twitter and respond to customer complaints- Will create banner ads - All complaints on for related Facebook will be promptly websites, such as travel addressed and outdoors websites - All comments on- Will utilize consumer- Facebook, whether specific Facebook positive or negative, will advertisements be responded to within one week.
  7. 7. - Utilizing Google AdWords, all “clicks” will be recorded.- Keywords which are less ineffective will no longer be used, replaced by variations of that keyword phrase- Google Analytics will be used to monitor AdWords campaigns- If AdWords budget is being reached before 3pm during the day, budget will be increased
  8. 8. Budget- Google AdWords: $1500 per month, will increase as needed- Facebook Ads: $1000 per month- Total Digital Strategy: $4 million per year (1/10 of current advertising budget)
  9. 9. 1-6 Months:- Create and maintain Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages with relevant content posted at least twice a week. Develop AdWords campaign with at least 5 keyword phrases.6 Months-1 Year:- Have set AdWords campaign with at least 1000 hits/day, have set Facebook ads campaign with at least 500 hits/day. Have 5000 fans on Facebook and 13,000 followers on Twitter.