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Microsoft Office 365 at the Michigan DTMB


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Advertising plansbook for the transition of the Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget to Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 at the Michigan DTMB

  2. 2. NEEDS & REQUESTS•  Have every state agency working at efficient operational capacity•  Reduce IT management costs and allow IT department more flexibility
  3. 3. NEEDS & REQUESTS•  Allow the state’s workforce to be more productive out of office•  Real-time, cross-agency collaboration using instant messaging, video conferencing and productivity tools•  Translate “tech lingo” to simple language for end users•  Emphasize the importance of the mailbox storage capabilities offered by Microsoft Office 365
  4. 4. GOALS•  Inform end users or new features delivered in Microsoft Lync and SharePoint•  Help end users understand how the cloud works and why it was the right choice for DTMB
  5. 5. GOALS•  Make end users aware of mobile accessibility to work email, documents and communications•  Help end users adopt to Microsoft Office 365 with confidence•  Erase security concerns about cloud-based services•  Minimize frequency of questions asked to IT staff regarding Microsoft Office’s new features and applications
  7. 7. HISTORY•  Merger of Department of Technology & Department of Management and Budget in March 2010•  Goal of merger •  Streamline IT services •  Save money •  Start “MiCloud” Program à Switch to Microsoft Office 365 in 2013
  8. 8. GOALS & MISSIONMISSION: Help Michigan become leader in softwareadvancementSIX MAIN GOALS: •  Customer Service Excellence •  Operational Efficiency •  Accountability & Performance •  Expertise & Commitment •  Shared Services •  Innovation & Leadership
  10. 10. •  Millions of users engaged in Microsoft Office 365 worldwide •  Started with small businesses, later adapted for larger corporations •  Employee numbers in the thousands
  11. 11. EXAMPLES LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE: 50,000 employees across the U.S. •  Need: better way to communicate, share information, regardless of location •  Solution: adopt Microsoft’s Lync services, which include the voice call, instant messaging and web conferencing features included in Microsoft Office 365 package
  12. 12. EXAMPLES STERIA: International IT services corporation based in Paris •  Need: cloud services, but also wanted to make sure their staff could adjust to the transition •  Solution: adopt entire Microsoft Office 365 package, including “Cloud Vantage Services” to keep employees engaged and knowledgeable about the transition       
  13. 13. THE MOVE TO GOVERNMENT •  Large corporations do not differ greatly from government sector •  All are experiencing major cutbacks •  Demand better communication, more data and heightened security
  14. 14. MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 IN THE PAST•  First to adopt Microsoft Office 365: State of Minnesota, 2010 •  70 state departments and 35,000 employees •  Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) began process •  Need: to make server more accessible to all state employees •  Solution: move 100 percent of employee mailboxes to the new Microsoft Office 365 system, transition 50 percent of its sites to SharePoint Online, add 5,000 of its 35,000 employees to Lync Online within 2 months
  15. 15. SURVEY INFORMATION•  73% female and 23% male Participant Ages•  58% born after 1970, 42% born before 1970•  Majority race was > 43 years Caucasian, and more < 43 years than half of the participants were married•  82% of the employees surveyed worked at Human Services
  17. 17. •  Security Concerns•  Hackers•  IT Staff•  Realistic timeframe of software implementation•  Current end user workloads
  19. 19. •  Cloud computing trend in technology sector•  Companies looking for ways to save time, money and effort•  Trends in cloud computing Don’t get rid of IT department Tailor cloud services
  20. 20. •  Preparedness•  Most important part of switching to cloud: give up control•  In government, cities most commonly switching to cloud, followed by counties•  Staff will resist change – give support
  22. 22. PROBLEMS✗ Cloud server outages✗ Poor IT staff training✗ FAQ’s
  23. 23. OPPORTUNITIES✓  Increased operational efficiency✓  Mobile accessibility✓  Email storage space✓  IT Staff can focus on being innovative and improving communications
  25. 25. RESEARCH•  Conducted in-depth interviews with people who have recently gone through technology change or are experienced with cloud software•  Survey sent to state of Michigan employees•  Asked about confidence, proficiency and concerns in a number of areas relating to the switch to cloud software “One thing that they will have to get used to, but will benefit from, is collaborating on documents in real-time. Team members can access shared documents and make edits at the same time.”
  26. 26. RESULTS•  Highly concerned with privacy•  Comfortable with changes, new experiences and learning about new technology•  Lack of awareness of Microsoft Office 365 transition
  30. 30. MARKETING
  31. 31. OBJECTIVESTARGET AUDIENCE •  Primary Audience •  Early Majority (Ages 25-44) •  Secondary Audience •  Late Majority (Ages 45-64)
  32. 32. OBJECTIVESINTENDED EFFECTS •  Reach 60% of the 46,000 State of Michigan employees at the end of the six-month adoption period Marketing Reach 18400, 40% Reached 27600, Not Reached 60%
  33. 33. OBJECTIVESMEASUREMENT •  Unique visitors/pageviews to DTMB website •  Views on YouTube videos •  Facebook reach/Twitter retweets & favorites •  Conversion rate in email newsletter
  34. 34. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSVIDEO 1: HOW TO USE MICROSOFT OFFICE365 •  What is the cloud? •  Overview of Microsoft Office 365 •  Lync •  Sharepoint •  Exchange •  Security in the cloud •  Resources for help & tech support [INSERT VIDEO HERE]
  35. 35. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSVIDEO 2: THE REASON FOR THE SWITCH •  DTMB senior level exec explains why SOM is switching to the cloud •  Streamline services •  Conserve budget resources •  Eliminate need for purchasing additional programs in current software •  Mobile access •  Enhanced collaboration & teamwork
  36. 36. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSVIDEO 3: MEET THE HELP DESK •  Video bios on help desk staff •  20-30 seconds long •  Discuss position/title •  Discuss how long they have been working for the SOM •  Offer support & guidance through software transition
  37. 37. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSVIDEO TUTORIALS •  Recorded video tutorials explaining basics of Exchange, Lync and SharePoint •  IT Staff member leadership •  Screenshots •  Online web guides •  Configuration •  Setting up mobile access [ADD TUTORIAL EXAMPLES HERE]
  39. 39. OBJECTIVES•  Create support booklet to decrease number of employees who are “not at all confident” in cloud services•  This will increase target market confidence in cloud services.•  Increase target audience awareness and understanding of Microsoft Office 365 tools by breaking down features
  40. 40. OBJECTIVES•  Increase % of target market not concerned with additional security threats by creating 2 safety posters•  Posters will increase the % of target audience that is “not concerned with additional security threats”•  Achieve these objectives by making our target audience more confident during their platform transition
  42. 42. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSBOOKLET•  14 pages long•  Ample white space and photos•  Full-color 5.5x8.5” inches
  43. 43. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSBOOKLET•  100 booklets to each agency•  Reference guide and supplementary material•  Focus on increasing confidence in cloud services and increase awareness and understanding of Microsoft Office 365
  45. 45. OBJECTIVES•  Raise awareness about Microsoft Office 365 software features from 20.6 percent to 70 percent in six months – e-newsletter•  Cut the lack of awareness about the transition in half from 35.15 percent to 17 percent in three months – internal news release•  Inform Michigan residents about the State of Michigan’s successful transition to Microsoft Office 365 by making contact with 50 percent or more of Lansing print and television media – external news release with case study
  46. 46. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSE-NEWSLETTER •  Six monthly e-newsletters •  Each highlights a program/feature in Microsoft Office 365 (Lync, SharePoint, Exchange, the cloud, etc.) •  Sent out to all state agency employees •  Questionnaire/survey sent out at the end of each month to gain insight on employee opinions •  Measured by Genius Mailer – tracks delivery rates, opening rates, bounce rates
  47. 47. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSINTERNAL NEWS RELEASE •  Sent out to state agency employees before implementation of Microsoft Office 365 •  Designed to instill knowledge in employees about the transition •  Include images of software •  Measured by Genius Mailer •  Decide whether or not it is necessary to send another one
  48. 48. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSEXTERNAL PRESS RELEASE•  To announce the conclusion and success of the transition, issue press release and supporting case study to Lansing print and television media – ex. WLNS, WILX, Detroit News (Lansing), MLive, etc.•  Case study will outline the steps taken and success rates, measured by the other marketing, advertising and public relations tactics
  49. 49. STRATEGY & EXECUTIONSEXTERNAL PRESS RELEASE•  Inform residents of Michigan about success of the transition to instill sense of reassurance and confidence in the state government •  When state agencies are working hard and doing a good job, the people should be informed of their accomplishments •  Minnesota and Texas have used similar strategy
  50. 50. EVALUATION
  51. 51. MARKETINGMARKETING GOALS •  Educate employees about Microsoft Office 365 software •  Features of Lync, Sharepoint & Exchange •  Cloud services •  Security in the cloud •  Inform employees about software transition •  Create a positive outlook toward Microsoft Office 365 & transition
  52. 52. MARKETINGMARKETING GOALS •  Reach 60% of 46,000 employees at the end of six- month adoption period •  Primary Audience à Early Majority (Ages 25-44) •  Secondary Audience à Late Majority (Ages 45-64) Marketing Reach 18400, 40% Reached 27600, Not Reached 60%
  53. 53. MARKETINGMARKETING GOALS •  Measuring Effectiveness •  Video series •  Facebook reach/Twitter RT’s & favorites •  Unique visitors/pageviews to DTMB website •  YouTube views •  Conversion rates in email newsletter •  Video Tutorials •  Post video tutorial survey
  54. 54. ADVERTISINGADVERTISING GOALS •  Increase target audience confidence in cloud services •  Increase target audience awareness and understanding of Microsoft Office 365 tools •  Increase the percent of people in our target audience not concerned with additional security threats
  55. 55. ADVERTISINGINTENDED ADVERTISING EFFECTS•  Decrease % of employees that responded as “not at all confident” in cloud services by 50%•  Increase % of employees that are “not concerned with additional security threats” by 200%•  Increase target audience awareness and understanding of Microsoft Office 365 tools by 400%•  Effectiveness of our advertising tactics will be measured through a final survey•  Survey will be sent to state of Michigan employees six months after the campaign has been implemented
  56. 56. PUBLIC RELATIONSTACTIC 1: INTERNAL NEWS RELEASE •  Goal: to make employees aware of the transition to Microsoft Office 365 and change attitudes about the software •  Rationale: 35.2% of state agency employees had not heard about the transition to Microsoft Office 365 •  Measurement: Genius Mailer
  57. 57. PUBLIC RELATIONSTACTIC 2: MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER •  Goal: improve employee knowledge of the Microsoft Office 365 software •  Rationale: e-mail is an effective way to share information and encourage company and client interaction (Pomer, 2011) •  Measurement: distribution of surveys at the end of each month, as well as Genius Mailer e-mail vendor
  58. 58. PUBLIC RELATIONSTACTIC 3: EXTERNAL PRESS RELEASE ACCOMPANIEDWITH CASE STUDY •  Goal: inform residents of Michigan of the successful transition to Microsoft Office 365 and instill confidence in the state government •  Rationale: when state agencies are working hard and doing well, people should be informed of their accomplishments. Puts a sense of pride within the people of Michigan •  Measurement: Genius Mailer to track media outlet opening rates
  59. 59. BUDGET
  60. 60. MARKETING•  Video 1: How to use Microsoft Office 365 à $700•  Video 2: The Reason for the Switch à $760•  Video 3: Meet the Help Desk à $760•  Jimmy Johns lunches for 3 IT staff members conducting video tutorials à $27.66MARKETING BUDGET TOTAL: $2,247.66
  61. 61. ADVERTISING•  5,000 5.5x8.5” full-color booklets à $1,116.17•  100 24x36” full-color posters à $624.84•  Miscellaneous stock photos à $282ADVERTISING BUDGET TOTAL: $2,023.01
  62. 62. PUBLIC RELATIONS•  Genius Mailer service •  Template design à $200 •  Advanced setup à $450 •  Additional training à $100 •  IP address à $600 •  PG sending à $3,000PUBLIC RELATIONS BUDGET TOTAL: $4,350
  64. 64. •  Efficient & successful employees à efficient & successful state of Michigan
  65. 65. •  Increase confidence & understanding of Microsoft Office 365•  Increase confidence & understanding of cloud software•  Inform employees of transition•  Reassure employees of safety measures•  Careful to not overwhelm employees with unnecessary informationCONFIDENCE, TRUST& REASSURANCE