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WNP, a company that was founded in Canada and is Owned by Danny Gauthier , a man who is passionate about helping people change their lives, started in March 2009. Its an online international affiliate programme and already in over 90 countries with just over 30 000 members , we are expanding globally at an alarming rate. We support the Rescue Fund which wings many charitable organisations and have donated $10 000 to charity already. Wow, what a great way to help heal the world.
I am very excited as when I came across WNP , I had already been with a few companies , all which I believe have their merits, and does produce incredible results, but let us not be fooled business is business and money talks... well that’s truly what attracted me to WNP the power WE NET PROFITS.
In many business models we need to qualify before we can start earning, well in WNP you get paid on your first referral, this is a world first and what’s even better is that you get 90% of your money back immediately ! THIS is a WORLD FIRST. I will explain all this in a while, I guess you are still reeling in from shock.... well also this business has two business models under one umbrella with six income streams, Imagine that! What is really powerful is that no one can ever feel that they cannot afford this business as we even have an entry level with a strategy that will empower even an unemployed person to start this business.

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WeNetProfits - South African Edition

  1. 5. Savings according to your needs…
  2. 7. Receive your free lead capture page, with the WNP « WealthServer » and be even more successful with Internet Marketing.
  3. 8. 250 billion emails are sent every day! WNP allows you to send Video emails, download photos and videos using your mobile phone Record your video, choose a template, select your addresses, click and send!!
  4. 10. WNP Simple Freedom Network How Does It Work?
  5. 11. FOUR SEPARATE 4 x 4 Matrixes Choose your Membership level
  6. 12. 4 16 64 256 This is team building using: Your efforts, your downline efforts and your upline efforts. YOU ARE NOT ALONE JUST FIND 4 !
  7. 13. Next level of 16 members R14 per month = R224 Next level of 64 members R14 per month = R896 Next level of 256 members R21 per month = R5376 R70 Monthly Bronze Residual
  8. 14. R629.65 includes first month FN payment Now imagine if you have 10 personal members, you will INSTANTLY earn R2170 INSTANT PAY Bronze INSTANT PAY =R910
  9. 15. Next level of 16 members R35 per month = R560 Next level of 64 members R35 per month = R2240 Next level of 256 members R140 per month = R35840 Bonuses R350 then R280…… R999.30 Monthly Silver Residual
  10. 16. Next level of 16 members R175 per month = R2800 Next level of 64 members R175 per month = R11200 Next level of 256 members R630 per month = R161280 Bonuses R700 then R630…… Gold Residual R2100 Monthly PER MONTH + PER PERSONAL REFERRAL R175280 R525
  11. 17. level 1 level 2 Level 3 Level 4 When you generate R1680 you are automatically upgraded to Silver The same thing happens to all members. They follow you in your Silver matrix. Attention !!! Members are free to upgrade As soon they want to! Bronze To Silver
  12. 18. You can double up your earnings
  13. 19. level 1 level 2 Level 3 Level 4 PERSONAL REFERRAL BONUSES THEREFORE ALSO DOUBLE!!! The same applies to ALL Members in your SILVER Residual (FN) Matrix Those that have 4+ PERSONAL REFERRALS follow you in the second position. 2
  14. 21. All members start at the silver residual level with an option to add the bronze starter as well R673.75 R1497.23 R2245.46 R4117.96 Silver with optional Bronze R1721.93 Gold with optional Bronze R2470.16 Platinum with optional Bronze R4342.24 What Does it Cost? And the potential earnings are summarised on the next slide...
  15. 24. Every minute you hesitate…………….. There are MORE people enrolling RIGHT NOW............... And they could drop into YOUR BUSINESS.......................... Take action NOW and start Living the Life you have always dreamed of.............