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Open house 2013 eng 3 only


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Published in: Education
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Open house 2013 eng 3 only

  1. 1. Open HouseOpen House Mrs. Scruggs’s English 3Mrs. Scruggs’s English 3
  2. 2. Please sign in on the sheetPlease sign in on the sheet  Don’t forget to include yourDon’t forget to include your student’s name so he/she canstudent’s name so he/she can receive extra creditreceive extra credit
  3. 3. More HelpersMore Helpers  This course stresses continued reading improvement, development of vocabulary skills, grammar review, and the skills needed for effective writing in academic and vocational situations. Literature focuses on world cultures, world famous authors and critical analysis of their works. At this level, reading will include a study of Shakespearean literature as well as reading and evaluating influential U.S. documents.
  4. 4. Assignment CalendarsAssignment Calendars  All assignment calendars areAll assignment calendars are posted on Edmodo.posted on Edmodo.  Please have your student signPlease have your student sign into his/her account and youinto his/her account and you may print out the assignments.may print out the assignments.  The course syllabus is alsoThe course syllabus is also posted on our Edmodoposted on our Edmodo
  5. 5. Our GradingOur Grading  Percentages & Grading Scale  Homework/Classwork-25%  Essays/Projects-30%  Quizzes/Tests-35%  Research-10%     Final Exam- 25% of the course
  6. 6. Our GradingOur Grading  Grading Scale  A 93-100  B 85-92  C 77-84  D 70-76  F 0 -69
  7. 7. Our units of studyOur units of study Unit Title: Unit 1: The New World Timeline (Weeks 1-2) Unit 2: A New Nation (Weeks 3-5) Unit 3: American Romanticism (Weeks 6-8) Unit 4: A Troubled Young Nation (Weeks 9-12) Unit 5: Emerging Modernism (Weeks 13-15) Unit 6: Challenges and Success of the 20th Century (Weeks 16-18)
  8. 8. TutoringTutoring  I have tutoring available beforeI have tutoring available before school daily and after school onschool daily and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.Tuesdays and Thursdays.  **Students receive extra credit**Students receive extra credit for tutoring sessionsfor tutoring sessions