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eTeaching tune-up 2011


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Published in: Education, Technology
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eTeaching tune-up 2011

  1. 1. TheeTeachingJourney ....a 2011 tune-up
  2. 2. ..... exploringeLearningpotential
  3. 3. ....what’s? learning happening when students are
  4. 4. ....create online activities critiquing discussing analysing reviewing
  5. 5. ....use digital learning resources
  6. 6. ....develop clear site designs
  7. 7. ...developlearning sequences
  8. 8. Q
  9. 9. Q ....where are your students learningcommunities?
  10. 10. Q ....where are your students learningcommunities?
  11. 11. Q ....where are your students learningcommunities?
  12. 12. shoalhaven wollongong Dawson 2010...... a visualisation of alearning network in eLearning forum
  13. 13. ...create learning networks toenhance learning
  14. 14. ....use online communication student 2 student student 2 teacher teacher 2 teacher ...using email forums blogs journal &
  15. 15. ... enable staffand students toadd a profile to a media library collection
  16. 16. assessment...considergroupspeer assessmentfeedbackcollaborationformative & summative& cool tools
  17. 17. assessment ...explore & build develop quizes
  18. 18. role, problem or scenario based learning
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Support for your Tune-up A range of support options are available to assist you with your eTeaching Journey. The Learning Design Unit in CEDIR offer eTeaching support in many forms including phone, face-to-face and workshops 1 2Phone Support #3683 Face-to-face meeting 3Call for assistance with with Learning Designer Workshops inthe eLearning Space, Contact your eTeaching eLearning930am - 430pm support person in the 4weekdays. eTeaching workshops learning design unit to cover eTeaching tools, arrange a meeting Faculty Service assessment, group work, video conferencing and Agreements eduStream. We can al;so CEDIR, Academic tailor them for your 5 Development, Learning faculty Design, Video, animation can be engaged in eTeaching Grants agreement between the Discus faculty, Faculty and CEDIR University and External grants available to support the development of your teaching