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Wsandm20 finalpresentation


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final presentation for Advertising for Web, September 1, 2011.

Published in: Design, Business, Lifestyle
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Wsandm20 finalpresentation

  1. 1. Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings Wendy Sandman September 1, 2011
  2. 2. Introduction to the Campaign• Addressing the problem with the previous campaign• Bringing it a step further• Convincing people through personalities the carpets convey.
  3. 3. Everyone leaves to go away to foreign or exotic country.One thing overlooked is making your home yourpersonal getaway. With a large selection of ornate rugsyou can have installed, there’s no need to get up, goout, and travel. The furthest you’ll have to go now will greek inspired nylon carpeting in authentic pepper Ad 1be your new designer room.
  4. 4. dwfe All our carpets come in about every color under the sun. No matter what color your kid chooses for their bedroom, if it be razzmatazz, screamin green, to fuzzy wuzzy brown, we have the carpet that’s 100% cotton plush carpeting Ad 2 the perfect compliment. in rich red
  5. 5. While you’re making your way to the top, it’s best towatch where you’re walking. Here, we make sure thateven the carpets you’re walking over on the job canwithhold the same amount of wear that you deal within your work lives. We’ll be with you along the way. commercial grade polyester tile carpeting in charcoal black Ad 3
  6. 6. The Minisite• Problem• Convincing people of buying carpet for their homes • Target audience• Young to mid-aged people who may be tired of trying to decide on flooring.• May not have even considered carpeting flooring before.• People who are looking to remodel but are really interested in a change that suits them as a person.
  7. 7. Site Map Home Page Meet the Characters Personal Fabric Testimonials A online community section where the users are able to show their experiences with home design make-overs and to show the changes their new carpeting made in their lives, they can give tips on how to clean their carpet they got, and most importantly this will be another way for the carpets personalities to interact with the consumer again, giving their own bits of information on the boardsOutside Link to Facebook Outside Link to Twitter or responding to strong user posts.