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AmericanStyle 2010


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New AmericanStyle presentation... doesn’t cover online advertising and travel pages yet.

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AmericanStyle 2010

  1. 1. A MERICAN Style Our mission, our partners and the process of how we inspire a new generation of collectors.
  2. 2. Our Mission To strengthen an otherwise fragile market for art and fine craft by facilitating the creation and growth of new enthusiastic collectors.
  3. 3. Our Purpose We are… more than a magazine … more than a website We increase your sales and provide the framework for success in your community
  4. 4. Critique <ul><li>Rosen Media 2009 </li></ul>“ AmericanStyle’s format provides established top collectors with an inside view of other collectors’ passions and their environments, while at the same time educating and nurturing new collectors and enthusiasts about the passion of collecting.” Paul Stankard, glass artist
  5. 5. Features: Collectors & Artists Stories are written in a “feature style” avoiding a critical or academic tone. They are designed to be readable and inspirational, spotlighting top collectors in their homes and artists in their studios.
  6. 6. City Arts Tours & Arts Walks <ul><li>Rosen Media 2009 </li></ul>Collectors tell us they keep back issues of AmericanStyle to use these stories as resources for future travel. They are designed to be convenient resources for collectors who are always looking for their next collecting adventure. In addition, AmericanStyle partners with collectors groups to create group arts tours.
  7. 7. Top Arts Destinations <ul><li>Rosen Media 2009 </li></ul>Each summer thousands of our readers and collectors tell us about their favorite arts destinations. Over the past decade the contest has grown into a national media event covered by more than 400 newspapers, magazines and television networks. Winning cities are offered an official “Presentation to the Mayor” press event at a local gallery. Throughout the year our website provides detailed lists of galleries for every city.
  8. 8. Emerging Artists <ul><li>Rosen Media 2009 </li></ul>Our annual Emerging Artists issue would not be possible without the advice and help of the galleries and curators that we work with on a daily basis. “ Just a day after receiving my issue of  AmericanStyle with an ad I ran, my phone began ringing with calls from galleries.  Three weeks later it has not stopped yet!” -Kathleen Elliot, glass artist
  9. 9. Top Fairs & Festivals <ul><li>Rosen Media 2009 </li></ul>While most of AmericanStyle’s content is targeted to the established collector, our Fairs & Festivals issue is the perfect conduit for creating new young collectors. Today these collectors buy $500 objects- with the proper nurturing they’ll splurge on $5000+ objects tomorrow.
  10. 10. Fall Arts Preview <ul><li>Rosen Media 2009 </li></ul>With bonus distribution at all of the major fall museums, auctions and gala events, the Fall Arts Preview issue provides collectors with their “social calendar” for the season.
  11. 11. Reader Profile Affluence Factors 20% Top USA Wealth Zips 48% Gallery Customers 5% Professional Artists 25% $350,000+ Household Income 60% $500,000+ Home Value Professional Background 40% Executive/CEO 15% Attorneys 5% Gallery/Curators 20% Retired 6% Political Officials Geographic Distribution 38% West Coast 46% East Coast 16 % Mid-America Top Collecting Interests 40% Art Jewelry 27% Glass Sculpture 19% Ceramic Art 14% Wearable Art/Fiber
  12. 12. Distribution <ul><li>Rosen Media 2009 </li></ul>25% Gallery Customers 30% Paid Subscribers 20% Museum Members 25% Bookstores Bonus Distribution Art Museum &Org Donors City Government Officials State Government Officials Mayors US Senate US Congress Top Auction Events & Exhibitions
  13. 13. Museum Partners American Museum of Ceramic Art Craft and Folk Art Museum Bellevue Arts Museum Fuller Craft Museum Museum of Contemporary Craft Racine Art Museum Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art