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What are the components of an effective online marketing campaign


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What are the components of an effective online marketing campaign

  1. 1. What Are the Components of an Effective Online Marketing Campaign? Online marketing has become more and more competitive. That is why it is important that we build an effective and comprehensive campaign that will help us to survive the challenges of the online world. This will help us increase the number of potential clients that we have. Here are some of the most important components that online marketers should consider. 1. Web Design 2. Blog 3. Social Media 4. SEO 5. Track Results Web Design In traditional marketing like television ads, advertisers normally hire image models that are attractive and are pleasing to the eyes. In digital marketing, the website is the face of the company that is why the design of the website must be professional, simple and easy to navigate. Here are some things you need to remember in designing your website. a. Include call to action buttons on most of the pages so that the readers can think about what your organization can do for them. b. Optimize your sites for all web browsers, including smart phones and mobiles as these devices are growing at fast pace and most of the people are browsing internet on these devices. c. Inserting the keywords in your content in a natural way. Blog Research shows that websites that has a blog receives 55% more visitors compared to companies that doesn’t have one! With that we can conclude that integrating a blog in a website is essential. It is important to keep in mind though that your blog needs to provide quality and relevant information. In creating blog, keep this in mind.
  2. 2. a. Your blog must provide easiness to the readers to subscribe via email and RSS. b. Your blog must be easy to share via social media. c. It must be created in such a way that the customers or readers can easily interact with you by commenting on your posts. Social Media The evolution is social media has made a lot of positive impact on businesses. The number of users has also increased a lot making social media networks a good platform of reaching more potential customers. Some of the most popular social media networks include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Some of the benefits of social media in businesses are:  It allows interaction with the people who are interested in you and hence provide you a great opportunity to create a community.  It allows you to reach N number of people at very low cost because of its viral nature. Search Engine Optimization Aside from social media, search engine optimization or SEO has also made a lot of difference in the online marketing realm. Getting your business a decent rank on search engines gives you a huge chance of getting a good amount of traffic. Here are some thing you need to remember in doing SEO.  Optimize each page of your website for search engines  Research for those keywords which most of the people search for in your niche  Make use of these keywords on your site and in promotion activities on social media  Try to include long-tail keywords of your niche. Track Results In order for you to know whether your website has done well in your campaign you need to track the effectivity of your strategies. Here are your metrics.  Website: visitors on your site, average time on the site, bounce rate, pages per visit, leads and conversion etc.  SEO: indexed pages, inbound links, rank of long tail keyword, Page Rank.  Blog: visitors, conversions, comments, inbound links, rank.  Social Media: number of likes, connections, followers. Visit Grata online at