Planning for Global Learning


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Developed for the Geography & Global Citizenship course, run in conjunction with DECSY with funding from DfID.

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  • For example the Amazon Rainforest video starts in the High Andes – do you want children to know about this. The Madeira river has a very useful introduction showing people & children playing with/ using boats – though much of the video is KS3/4 - do you want the whole or part of the video?
  • Planning for Global Learning

    1. 1. Satelliteimage:NASA
    2. 2. How do we inform ourselves about this area of learning?What actionscan we take? What learning activities will our children engage with?
    3. 3. Have a definite Involve What is it like here? (Use, TEACHING concluding activity for children in story, picture books, TOOLKIT the project that can be evaluation sense impressions, drama Sense shared with others. to explore) [PLACE] impressions Hook - take a virtual journey, 5 W’s e.g. through a Ask & answer Decide on questions such as: Making rainforest pairs your environment What would it be like personal to live here/ visit? Most LikelyKnow that you actions to ...are not alone intaking action – Livinghundreds/ Take Action: What Graphs What focus? Find out more:thousands of are people doing Where? Why here Start with aother people about it? What can photo Environmental Impact & and not there?worldwide are I do? Sustainabilitytrying to do Usingsomething Artefactsabout this issue Interdependence & Connectedness Research Google(MDG’s). Maps (Earth) People , Culture & Diversity Explore & Further research & map Quikmaps/ (SPACE), Scribble new enquiry Maps use Issue: who gains Google Use P4C/ and who loses? What makes it Earth Community of Why might this special? enquiry to matter to me? Explore through explore this picture books/ issue video etc What will we do? What will the children do?
    4. 4. Personal & prior experience Educationwebsite, e.g. The TES, online experiencesubscription of others - libraries, someoneTeacher’s TV, whos been BBC Class there Clips Story, picture The work books, photos, of an video, sound, influential artefacts, online NGO/ mapping Charity
    5. 5. How will I inform mythinking and find teachingresources about: Photos: Simon Collis /costa-rica
    6. 6. Photo Wendy North In 1994 I visited the Peruvian rainforest (part of a longer Peru trip) Amazon rainforest catchment area. Puerto Maldonado, Tambopata Lodge.
    7. 7. Among others: Tropical World – Roundhay Park Leeds world-leeds/index.html Birmingham Botanical Garden The Living Rainforest (near J13 of M4) - The Eden Project
    8. 8. World Wildlife Fund
    9. 9. the film is aboutlogging and oil palm cultivation which is destroying the lands of thepeople of Sarawak – it links to the Borneo newspaper article.
    10. 10.
    11. 11.  Searching for video clips is a very time consuming activity. WHAT YOU WANT THE VIDEO FOR? (What will it help children to feel/think?) Look for recommendations from other people.
    12. 12. BBC Class Clips
    13. 13.  Videos from the BBC are also available on Vimeo and You Tube Search BBC rainforest m/4103904Rainforest Animals and Plant life in the Amazon jungle -
    14. 14. The opening minute is particularly useful for younger children
    15. 15. Search for Creative Commons licensed content:
    16. 16. USE A MAP CREATE A MAP Google Earth – needs  Quikmaps downloading onto your computer  Scribble Maps Google Maps – online Resource Bing Maps
    17. 17. Download from:
    18. 18.,-4.064941&sspn=12.970501,29.970703&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Manaus+-+Amazonas,+Brazil&t=h&z=8
    19. 19. Waters Cairns Set :
    20. 20. Guided tour through the rainforest An interactive site from the Rainforest Alliance - match animals and ucation_resources plants to the layers of the http://www.rainforestconcern. rainforest. org/tour/rfc_guide.htm  http://www.rainforest- se/jewelsoftheearth/index.htmlPhotographs of the world’s rainforests – Living in the Guatemalan Rainforest – Nature Conservancy feels a little dated  http://www.rainforest- plore/photos.html se/myworld/index.htmlRainforest sounds Stories from the Rainforest  http://www.rainforest- /sounds.html#Christian%20An swers%20Sounds ainforest_stories
    21. 21. Free resources from ARKive world Land Trust  (sponsored by Mall)  Videos, images and fact files of the teaching- world’s plant and animal species. e45440820042009.shtm Tropical rainforest animals l  www.enchantedlearni http://www.rainfores forest/animals/Rfbio acher%20resources meanimals.shtml
    22. 22. Slideshare TES Resources website http://www.slideshare.n et/ search Rain forest SEARCH for `Rainforest’ then Lots of very similar primary slideshows available – some by children.  Very popular as fellow Generally very fact based teachers often provides ready presentations – possibly made resources. But be useful for images. Not the prepared to ADAPT kinds of things I’d want to  Ask yourself: Is it clear what share with years 3 & 4 – at the teacher wants the least initially – though you children to learn? Is this might ADAPT what I’m looking for?  Hamilton Trust planning on the TES website – cross- curricular