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  • My group and I decided to take a different approach to this assessment project. We decided that we were going to assess the assessment tool, add a qualitative survey, find more places for them to administer the survey to increase student feedback, find literature on ways to enhance the academic advising process as a whole, and get the student’s feedback on the academic advising process.
  • The associate director, Steven Barleen, is the person responsible for developing the instrument and analyzing the results. Various types of question: open ended, closed ended, and matrix question. There are three separate sections of the survey: usage, needs, and satisfaction. Read 2 question of each. The survey is administered in a number of places: during advising session, online, during classes offered by the AAC, and during workshops, seminars, and programs provided by the AAC; which Wendy will go into further detail a little later.
  • Pass around the assessment summary report. Read: We went into this project fearful of what was to come and came out confident in our skills withassessment and prepared to do assessment in our future endeavors.
  • Pass around the assessment summary report. Read: We went into this project fearful of what was to come and came out confident in our skills withassessment and prepared to do assessment in our future endeavors.
  • Pass around Result sheets and explain 1 of them! The results are sent to the Director every couple of weeks in the months of June-August.Student Interaction: Programs, student organizations, mentoring, community service, service project, & physical space (less space more student interaction)Student Learning: Class that teach culture and history of minority groups, artifacts, symbolic messages, falculty & staff serve as advisor, mentoring, provides a cultural perspective, and teach interpersonal skills thru programs and student organizations
  • Cahe 572 finalized assessment presentation (1)

    1. 1. Enhancing the Academic Advising Process CAHE 572:Group Assessment ProjectLatisha Brandon, Carolyn Eastlin, Wendy Marshall, Dominique Scott, &Shana Stringfellow
    2. 2. The Academic Advising Center at Northern Illinois University What is the Academic Advising Center? Goals of the Academic Advising Center Who does the Academic Advising Center serve? What is done at the Academic Advising Center? Our lines of communication & assessment personnel Ms. Michelle Pickett (Director) Mr. Steven Barleen (Associate Director)
    3. 3. How can we enhance the Academic Advising process? - Common Themes in the Literature-•Rationale for relationships between advisors and advisees.•Academic probation and advising at-risk students.•Fostering positive relationships and experiences between advisors and advisees.•Students taking proactive approaches in advisement sessions.•Methods for alternative Academic Advising
    4. 4. Qualitative Survey Click in center of page.
    5. 5. Our Assessment
    6. 6. The Academic Advising Center Assessment ToolThe assessment tool that is used by the Academic AdvisingCenter is a mixed method student survey that consist ofroughly 58 questions, assessing the needs, usage, andsatisfaction of the Academic Advising Center. The survey isadministered annually at the end of April to “undecided”students, students seeking alternative majors, students thatutilize the AAC and students reassessing their current academicsituation.
    7. 7. Mission, Objectives, & Goals of Assessment Tool• Increase the retention rates of students who begin with the AAC and 3th and 4th semester chance student.• Increase the number of AAC students who declare a major no later than the end of 4th semester of enrollment or junior standing.• Increase student learning and learning outcomes.• Continue to increase student satisfaction with services provided by the AAC.
    8. 8. Additional Assessment Information• The retooled Annual Spring Survey• The efficiency and many assessment tools of the Academic Advising Center• Our experience with the assessment project & presentation• Good ASSESSMENT!!!!!
    9. 9. Predicted Results40353025 201220 20131510 5 0 Needs Usage Satisfaction
    10. 10. Predicted Results4035302520 2012 2013151050 Needs Usage Satisfaction
    11. 11. Recommendations and Benchmarking
    12. 12. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel! George Mason University• STEMM Program• Academic Intervention Program• Snapshot Videos Florida State University• SSSMO• C.A.R.E Program• College Bridge Program
    13. 13. Learning Reconsidered: A Campus-Wide Focus on the Student Experience. The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators The American College Personnel AssociationDay, P., Dungy, G. J., Evans, N., Fried, J., Komives, S., McDonald, W., Salvador, S., (2004) [PDF document]. Retrieved from Learning_Reconsidered.pdf
    14. 14. What Should I Choose as a Major?
    15. 15. Questions?Thank you!