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Qurus Success Story: Partner recruitment


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Qurus' partner recruitment service supports your organization in discovering new potential partners, categorizing and recruiting them to your channel.

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Qurus Success Story: Partner recruitment

  2. 2. Success : Microsoft Kenya BPAM Project Qurus ‘Feet on the Street’ breadthPAM team Training Kit Objectives Identify and profile unmanaged resellers in Nairobi. Select most promising resellers , brand their outlets and bring then into the Microsoft channel. Train managed and unmanaged resellers on Microsoft OEM products, the local channel and licensing. Land key local, regional and global campaigns. Field Reports Solution Results A dedicated and specially recruited team of Qurus BPAMS walked the streets to: • Find the resellers and gain their trust • Gather vital MI data • Give resellers the basic product and sales training they need • Enroll and guide resellers through key campaigns • Show resellers the benefits of buying from the channel 150 “new” unmanaged resellers discovered, surveyed, and trained on Microsoft products, sales knowledge and the benefits of buying from the channel. Dashboard tool : detailed info on all resellers created to aid management decisions around future engagements with the unmanaged reseller space.
  3. 3. Success : Microsoft OPC Lite Concept Objective To offer the most important information and knowledge to the breadth of the OEM channel in an easy and compelling way via an effective, efficient and localized OPC website. Solution • Interactive Localised Website – created a template site which could be replicated and localised, offering content to authorised distributors, readiness material, marketing collateral, product info, and Technical Support (drivers and downloads) • Content Fulfilment Process – designed a process that balanced the needs of a centralised content and hosting at Corp (technical updates) with local information (Distributor contact info) while allowing all OEM partners to have a consistent user experience across EMEA. • Investment Model – that pooled organization resources to work more efficiently allowing small Subs to scale with low budget impact, min amount of time, and maximum committment. Results Expanded the Breadth Channel – rolled out and maintained up to 16 sites for smaller subs sites (MEA) and expanded mature subs (WE) in 8 languages, providing their OEM partners with a deeper connection to Microsoft (increased web site traffic)