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Star of ABC's hit comedy "Suburgatory" talks fitness and diet.

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Parker Young - Scottsdale Health

  1. 1. Abs— A 40 Scottsdale Health 12/12SH_40_43ParkerYoung_1212.indd 40 11/19/12 2:58:27 PM
  2. 2. —olutely Awesome By Wendy Rubicam Photos by Bobby Quillard of Quillard Inc. Parker Young has just gotten a script that calls for his character, high school jock Ryan Shay of ABC’s popular Wednesday night comedy, Suburgatory, to take off his shirt. That’s all the motivation the 24-year-old actor needs to head to his CrossFit gym and ramp up the workouts. Young has always been athletic—captain of his varsity football team in high school while maintaining a straight A average—and admits that he needs regular exercise to burn off energy. But, showing off his body in front of millions of viewers from week to week has added a whole new reason to stay in peak condition. “I can definitely tell that my motivation varies depending on whether or not I know that I have a shirtless scene,” he confesses. “Being on a TV show where my shirt comes off and I have to play this high school kid, I have to be aware of how my workouts are affecting my body and how my diet is affecting my body because I have to look a certain way.” So how does an actor maintain a body worthy of showing off on camera? 12/12 Scottsdale Health 41 SH_40_43ParkerYoung_1212.indd 41 11/19/12 2:58:31 PM
  3. 3. Parker Young Actor—ABC’s Suburgatory Age: 24 Stats: 5’11”, 160 lbs. Workout of choice: CrossFit or Speedx Cardio Workout Frequency: Shoots for five CrossFit workouts per week. Will do three workouts and a couple of short runs if he’s short on time, or squeeze in a lunch- time workout at the Warner Bros. gym. “If I know I have to be shirtless, I make the time. I make it happen.” Fitness Secret Weapon: Pre- workout shake made from ½ apple, a frozen banana, kale and broccoli. “I just bought a Vita-Mix like three days ago and it’s like my new girlfriend. I love this thing!” What He Eats: Eats mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts and post-workout whey protein shakes during the day. Eats one large meal at night: salad with goat cheese, avocado, cranber- ries, walnuts and grilled salmon on top; soup—like a cauliflower pureè; fresh veggies; followed by peanut but- ter or almond butter. Food Weakness: Loves a good cheeseburger every now and then, but can’t get enough peanut butter. “My obsession with peanut butter—nothing beats that. I think I need the fat. My body craves it.” Grinds his own nut butters (sometimes mixed with choco- late) at Whole Foods. Fitness in a Relationship: “It’s more important to me that [a signifi- cant other] is happy and confident, and if fitness helps that then I support it. I normally take my fitness more seriously than my significant other would, but it’s important to stay active.” 42 Scottsdale Health 12/12SH_40_43ParkerYoung_1212.indd 42 11/19/12 2:58:43 PM
  4. 4. Young will tell you that it requires dedication, but he is also a movements and as a result I look like an athlete, which is kind of huge fan of CrossFit workouts. “This is one of the few workouts how I want to look on the show without getting too big.” that I’ve found that doesn’t feel like a workout,” he says enthusi- Most CrossFit devotees subscribe to the Paleo diet, but Young astically. “You’re going in there and every day you’re challenging admits that he’s not a huge meat eater, preferring fish and some- yourself and becoming an all-around better athlete and just a times chicken for protein. “I think eating a ton of meat tends to more fit, strong, flexible, athletic individual.” make you bulkier all around, and I don’t necessarily think it’s For those who aren’t familiar with the CrossFit craze, what best for on-camera,” Young says. He explains that he prefers started out as a handful of gyms in 2005 has now grown to over a program he discovered called The Warrior Diet, which feels 3,000 CrossFit gyms that post daily workouts (WODs) that are more natural to him. “The idea is that warriors going into battle short, intense routines designed for total body fitness. According wouldn’t fill up on a big meal prior because it would weigh them to CrossFit, “Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, down and make them sluggish and heavy. They would just graze broad, general, and on fresh fruits and vege- inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. The “You work in teams, tables and small amounts of protein throughout the you’re racing the CrossFit program is day and then at night designed for universal have their big celebra- clock and there’s a scalability, making it tory feast,” he says. the perfect applica- Young says it works competitive energy tion for any committed for him because he burns individual, regardless of the majority of his fat experience.” during the day and then Young describes the CrossFit workout to it. I just love has “an abnormally, awesomely large meal” as “really competitive athletic movements” everything about it.” at night. “I’m not eat- ing a lot—I’m just eating and says, “You work in enough to sustain my teams, you’re racing the clock and there’s a competitive energy energy levels, then at night I have my big meal. I feel like it’s the to it. I just love everything about it.” He says the WOD can include leanest I’ve ever been when I stay true to this type of eating regi- anything from sprints to rope climbs, pull-ups, deadlifts, squats men,” he explains. and burpees. “One of the cool things about CrossFit is that it’s If this all sounds super-intense and hardcore, don’t be fooled. always changing. You never really do the same thing twice unless Young is thoroughly enjoying his way of life. Taking a gamble after you’re doing it in order to compare how much better you’ve got- finishing high school by heading to L.A. to pursue his love of acting ten,” Young explains. has paid off for the Arizona free spirit. Shooting, which can start Young discovered CrossFit at the same gym where he was at 7 a.m. and go on until late at night, keeps him busy, but when training in mixed martial arts about a year and half ago, and has he does have free time he hangs out with one of his Arizona high loved it ever since. “I was going through a breakup and started school buddies who’s recently moved to the beach, hikes, or tries to fighting as a way to keep my mind busy,” he says. “I realized that catch up on his own favorite TV shows. He recently bought a guitar CrossFit was just as good an exercise—actually better—and I don’t and jokes, “In my free time I’m busy driving everybody within 50 have to worry about getting bloody noses from getting hit in the feet of me insane, trying to learn to play the guitar.” face, so it worked better for me,” he says, laughing. Young seems to be one of those people who is naturally Combining CrossFit with Speedx workouts, which incorporate energetic and upbeat, loving his work and castmates. “Oh my similar movements but with lighter weights and more repetition, gosh, they’re so amazing. It’s so much fun,” he exclaims. He has given Young the on-camera results he feels he needs to have. goes on to say that he’s happy with where he is right now, “I feel “For me, CrossFit hits all of my muscles. It feels like every day I go so grateful to be a part of this show. People are watching it and in there I’m working every single muscle group in a different way, enjoying it and I hope it continues to be something that I get to with different weights and different exercises,” he says. “I’m not work on for some time.” developing a ‘gym body’—I’m more just doing full body athletic Wendy Rubicam can be reached at 12/12 Scottsdale Health 43SH_40_43ParkerYoung_1212.indd 43 11/19/12 2:58:43 PM