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Media.Mobile.Social. Staying Ahead of Technology Trends


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Digital media is a key contributor to the projected growth of the personal cloud and cloud
storage industry. Combine the consumer’s love of their favorite music, videos and photos
with the increasing use of mobile devices and social networking, and the need for a cloud based media management system quickly becomes evident. Visit for more information.

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Media.Mobile.Social. Staying Ahead of Technology Trends

  1. 1. Media. Mobile. Social.Staying Ahead of Technology TrendsDUVON CORPORATIONThe information contained in the following marketing materials is proprietary and strictlyconfidential. It is solely intended to be reviewed by the party receiving the materials from DuvonCorporation, its agents, and/or affiliates, and should not be made available to any other person orentity without the written consent of Duvon Corporation or its affiliates.The information contained within these marketing materials is strictly for illustrative purposes, andthe figures herein are not guaranteed for accuracy. The information used in preparing thesematerials are from sources we believe to be accurate, or reasonably estimated, however DuvonCorporation has not made any investigation into the accuracy of these sources. Duvon Corporationdoes not intend for these marketing materials to be a substitute for appropriate due diligenceinvestigations. Duvon Corporation, or its agents, and/or affiliates make(s) no further warranties,express or implied, for any reason or purpose to any party in possession of these marketingmaterials.
  2. 2. Media. Mobile. Social. Staying ahead of Technology TrendsDigital media is a key contributor to the projected growth of the personal cloud and cloudstorage industry. Combine the consumer’s love of their favorite music, videos and photoswith the increasing use of mobile devices and social networking, and the need for a cloud-based media management system quickly becomes evident.Digital Content is on the RiseAccording to a recent report from Nielsen, in 2004 digital music files made up less than1% of total U.S. Album sales. Compare that to 40% of total album sales in 2009, and over100 million digital albums purchased by consumers in 2011. By the fourth quarter of2012, digital album sales had risen 15% from the previous year. The music downloadsector of the industry continues to expand internationally, with legitimate digitaldownload stores offering libraries of up to 20 million tracks for purchase by consumersand over 1.3 billion tracks purchased by consumers in 2012. 1IFPI’s 2012 Digital Music Report points out that the music industry is far ahead of othercreative industries in terms of digital popularity, with film and publishing just beginningtheir shift to digital channels. As the “ownership” mode of digital music continues tothrive, IFPI credits developments in cloud technology with transforming the wayconsumers store and manage their growing digital music collections.2Digital music may be leading the pack, but Facebook reports that 250 million photos areuploaded to the social media site daily. 2011 research from Experian Simmons reportsthat 73% of all cell phone owners had used their phone to take a photo in the last 30days. The study also predicted that video will be the fastest growing trend on mobiledevices, reporting that 27% of today’s smartphone owners watch video on their mobilephone. 3 Gartner International predicts that consumers’ ability to easily capture photosand video on mobile devices will lead to increased demand for cloud storage solutions.Demand for Mobility is Unstoppable – Smartphone Ownership BoomsConsumers’ growing demand for a mobile digital lifestyle is also driving the increase inownership of digital content. Experian Simmons found that 29% of cell phone ownerstoday believe that their cell phone will be the primary device for their entertainmentneeds in the future.4 Nielsen analysts announced in September of 2012 that 74% of1 A Neilsen Report: Global Online Consumers and Multi-Screen Media Today & Tomorrow, May 20122 IFPI, Digital Music Report 20123 Experian Simmons, The 2011 Mobile Consumer Report4 Experian Simmons, The 2011 Mobile Consumer Report 1
  3. 3. young adults (age 25-34) now own smartphones. Teenagers are the fastest growinggroup of smartphone owners, jumping from 58% ownership from 36% just a year earlier.5This growth trend is expected to continue, with Nielsen again reporting that largepercentages of survey responders plan to own a smartphone within the next 12 months.While 31% of North American participants already own such a device, 45% plan to ownone in the next year. In Asia-Pacific the projected number jumps even more significantlyfrom 44% to 70%. Tablets are a fast-growing segment of the mobile device market aswell, with the Nielsen survey reporting that tablet ownership is up 70% from 2010.6More is Better – Multiple Device Ownership ProjectedIt seems that mobile device owners won’t be satisfied with owning just one device, as thisprojection from ITU shows:Ownership of multiple mobile devices will further drive the necessity for cloud-basedmedia management. The ability to access a complete media library from any device is akey expectation of mobile consumers today. With limited hard-drive storage space ondevices, the cloud becomes the logical place to store media files in order to access themfrom multiple devices.5 A Neilsen Report: Global Online Consumers and Multi-Screen Media Today & Tomorrow, May 20126 A Neilsen Report: Global Online Consumers and Multi-Screen Media Today & Tomorrow, May 2012 2
  4. 4. Smartphone = Lifeline. How Consumers Use Mobile DevicesBeyond simply storing media, a cloud-based media management system has toincorporate the social aspects consumers tie to their media files. The Experian SimmonsNational Consumer Study uncovered trends in behaviors and attitudes that consumershave toward their mobile devices, establishing five categories of users:Mobirati: Representing the mobile generation, they have grown up with cell phones andcannot imagine life without them. Mobile devices are a central part of their everydaylives.Social Connectors: Communication is central in their lives, and mobile devices allowthem to keep up-to-date with friends and social events. Their mobile device is the bridgeto their social world.Mobile Professionals: Smartphones help them keep up with their professional andpersonal life. Their phone has become their all-in-one device for communication andinformation needs.Pragmatic Adopters: Cell phones came into being during their adult years. They are nowlearning to use their mobile devices in simple ways.Basic Planners: They have little interest in technology. Use of their mobile device is justfor basic communication.The consumer segments that aredependent on their mobiledevices and use them forconnecting with others dailymake up almost half of all adultcell phone users. Add themobile professionals who usetheir phones to enhance boththeir personal and professionallives, and the percentage growsto 60%.7Social Ties and MobilityThe study also showed that a growing number of mobile device users are accessing socialmedia accounts from their mobile devices. In 2011, 20% of social media participantsaccessed their accounts from their mobile device, up from 11% in 2008. Increasingnumbers of those active in social media are posting photos and videos directly from theirmobile devices as well.8 A July 2012 study of US internet users by GfK Group found that31% of time on mobile devices is spent on social media activities, as compared to only7 Experian Simmons, The 2011 Mobile Consumer Report8 Experian Simmons, The 2011 Mobile Consumer Report 3
  5. 5. 18% of PC internet users.9 Further evidence of the mobile/social connection is found inthe rapidly growing numbers of mobile users on social media sites. As of the third quarterof 2012, Facebook alone was reported to have 604 million mobile users.10Solutions from StoAmigoTrends in digital media growth, combined with surging mobile device use and theimportance of social networking on those devices all point to the need for systems thatcombine all of these components. StoAmigo, Duvon Corporation’s cloud-based digitalmedia management system offers consumers ubiquitous access to their digital media -across multiple devices and locations, as well as a central location for storage andorganization of all of their favorite digital media files. Because media is stored in thecloud, users access their original files, as opposed to downloading multiple copies tovarious devices.This is also a key factor when it comes to sharing. StoAmigo users don’t have to generatecopies of digital media files in order to share them, and when they post directly toFacebook from StoAmigo, they retain the rights to their photos, videos and music. Userscan easily share the things they love with family and friends anywhere in the world, allfrom StoAmigo’s user-friendly interface.StoAmigo’s unique permission settings also support sharing in the truest sense – wheremedia is not given away. Share permissions can be set for view only, without givingdownloading privileges. Any share can be customized based on what permission level theuser wants to give to each of the recipients, and shares can be modified or retracted atany time. If a user wants to share a digital media file for a certain time-frame, it can beretracted with just a few clicks.The StoAmigo system supports a return to the true idea of sharing when it comes tomedia, giving users complete control of their owned media and protecting files frominappropriate downloads or duplication. At the same time, it removes the restrictions oflocation and inadequate hard drive space that often make consumers’ favorite media filesinaccessible when they are away from home. StoAmigo is an innovative solution forproviding increasingly mobile and social consumers with access to the digital content theylove the most.9 GfK Group, July 201210, January 2, 2013 4
  6. 6. About Duvon CorporationDuvon Corporation operates globally with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.Duvon is committed to being a leader in providing unique solutions for a changing world.Our passion is personal cloud innovation as it relates to human interaction – enhancingthe way that people interact with one another and with technology.The Duvon team is made up of a diverse group of computer scientists, networkingprofessionals, mathematicians and business professionals who are dedicated toconceiving, building and delivering advanced applications that merge social networkingwith the personal cloud, increasing productivity and enriching our lives.Our mission is to anticipate and meet consumer demand for a complete digital lifestylethat provides storage, file synchronization, streaming and social interaction. As thepersonal cloud becomes central to our everyday life, our goal is to provide anunparalleled ecosystem that enhances the human experience and is secure, enjoyable,and consistent across multiple screens and multiple environments.Duvon Corporation5538 S. Eastern AvenueLas Vegas, NV 89119702.948.9770info@duvon.comWant to learn more? Please visit us online at © 2013 Duvon Corporation. All rights reserved. 5