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CBS 5\'s Nadine Toren


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So Scottsdale Magazine - November 2010

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CBS 5\'s Nadine Toren

  1. 1. By Wendy RuBicam evans Photos By stePhanie heymann of thomPson image PhotogRaPhy Road to the Top The newest addition to the CBS 5 Morning Team is making herself at home in Scottsdale The 51…The 101…The Beeline…The San Tan…The 17…Durango for awhile and it will always have a piece of my heart.” But this Curve....The Valley’s newest traffic reporter has a lot to keep hardworking pro had her sights set on the Phoenix news market straight these days, but CBS 5’s Nadine Toren is happy to be learn- and the prospect of putting down roots in Scottsdale, which ing the ropes live, on-air, and finding her way around the Valley. reminds her in many ways of the town where she grew up in The California girl arrived in Scottsdale in early August, and California. “I loved where I grew up in Los Gatos,” she shares. was on-air just five days after leaving her job as a video jour- “Scottsdale is very parallel to that. The lifestyle here is good, nalist in San Diego. She says, “San Diego was great–don’t get and it’s solid. I want a lot with my career and I want a lot person- me wrong, I did stories on the beach in flip flops. It was home ally, and I feel like it’s a really good match up here for both.” 64 So Scottsdale! November 2010SS_64_67Nadine_Nov10.indd 64 10/11/10 12:28:37 PM
  2. 2. tor, anchor, producer and reporter. “As a reporter, you shoot, you edit, you write—so you have all of these skills. You are expected to do it all these days,” she explains. She produces her own traffic segments on KPHO, and is thankful for the help she has received from viewers who give her the local perspective on Valley commuting. “Trust me, I do study maps, I do drive around. I get lost on purpose,” she jokes. “But I’m learning it live. I produce every day and I need to make sure my facts are correct, or you’re going to stumble upon an accident you weren’t aware of.” Traffic reporting seems like a natural fit for a girl who is passionate about travel. One of the things Toren loves about living in Scottsdale is the huge variety of great day trips and nearby destinations to explore. She’s hoping to develop a series of on-air segments partnered with an online blog for CBS 5 that will reintroduce Arizona to Arizonans. She wants to be your go-to girl for day trips, weekend getaways on a budget, and unique staycations. “There are gems everywhere you look, and there’s a lot to do. There are always things you might overlook,” she says. Toren describes her on-air style as “professional and classy, with edge and sass” and hopes her true person- ality shines through to viewers. “At 4:30 in the morning, when everything’s still green and you’re Some of the experiences that shaped her view of all that moving along just fine, I like to have fun with the viewers,” she Scottsdale has to offer were coming into town for the Waste shares. “So I hope what people get from me is a very positive, Management Phoenix Open, Spring Training and the Scottsdale upbeat personality that they enjoy waking up to.” Culinary Festival. It’s no surprise that it seemed like a fabulous She loves being a part of her new morning team and jokingly place to settle down, and she hasn’t been disappointed in her says that anyone working on a morning show has to be “a certain decision to leave the sand and surf behind. kind of crazy person.” “You fear adjusting,” she says. “But it’s been so natural and “I’ve worked every shift there is from morning, day-side easy, and the community’s been so welcoming, the station’s to night-side and I think a morning show has such a unique been so supportive, and the viewers have been so kind, so I’ve energy. I get to have fun every day,” she admits. been lucky.” As she settles into her role on the morning team, she As a young news professional, Toren has not only a degree reflects on one of her core beliefs, “I believe in forming com- in Radio and Television Broadcasting, but has worked in almost munity and family wherever you go, and I’m in the process of every aspect of TV news. She has worked as an assignment edi- doing that here.” 66 So Scottsdale! November 2010SS_64_67Nadine_Nov10.indd 66 10/11/10 12:29:08 PM
  3. 3. Although friendships in the news profession can be short- SCOTTSDALE BRIEFS lived due to relocations and job changes, Toren is determined to maintain the bonds she has made through her work. “I have Dear Ashley: a lot of people who took me under their wing immediately,” she My boyfriend and I recently broke up, shares, adding, “You always stay in touch with the people who and he will not stop texting, calling, and have been good to you.” e-mailing me. I have seen him drive by my Toren says she has learned volumes from the professionals house a few times as well. How can I get she’s worked with and is thrilled with the feedback and support him to leave me alone? she’s already experienced at CBS 5, and wants to continue her career growth at the station. Arizona law defines “Harassment” as: The forward-thinking reporter is excited about being a part 1) Contacting, communicating, or causing a of what she describes as the station’s “technological transition,” communication with another person by verbal, and she especially enjoys the way social media is allowing her to electronic, mechanical, telegraphic, telephonic, interact with viewers every day. “We have a very interactive news- or means in a manner that harasses; cast in the morning. I propose traffic questions and people tweet 2) Continuing to follow another person in a in at 4:30 in the morning—it’s unbelievable!” she exclaims. public place for no legitimate reason; She dedicates time every morning to Facebook and 3) Repeatedly committing acts that harass Twitter, allowing viewers to request information on certain traffic another person; 4) surveilling a person for no areas and just stay in touch. “It makes the job more enjoyable, legitimate purpose; or 5) Making a false report to at least for me. And I think it makes it work better. You’re really law enforcement on more than one occasion. giving the viewers what they want to know in addition to what A person who is being harassed may file a they need to know,” she explains. Petition with the Scottsdale Justice Court to She feels that as the news continues to evolve online that have an “Injunction Against Harassment” issued it will be catering to a younger audience that is an important against the offending party. This injunction, demographic. Although Toren believes that social media is the among other things, prohibits the harasser from new trend in news, she says it goes hand-in-hand with televi- contacting the victim. The Petition must include sion news. a statement of what has occurred, including “Nothing will ever replace watching the news in bed, or dates and details, and the offender’s name and waking up and having it on when you’re eating breakfast,” she address. The Court will hold a short hearing and says, adding with a smile, “I mean, TVs are only getting bigger decide whether a temporary injunction should and flatter and better.” issue. If one is issued, the Order must be served Toren describes her off-air personality as fun and out- upon the person against whom the Injunction has doorsy—she isn’t one to sit around, but would rather be out issued. It is always best, in these situations, to hiking Camelback or going from a Spring Training game to an have a professional process server get involved. Old Town hot spot with friends. Once served, the offender “It’s fun exploring new areas. They’re becoming like sec- has a right to a hearing, at ond nature to me,” she says. “It’s easy to feel at home here.” which both sides can present Like any young woman in Scottsdale, Fashion Square is a evidence. At that time, the favorite spot, although the practical girl on a budget frequents Court will decide whether a designer discount stores for the mainstays of her wardrobe. permanent injunction will issue. “Whenever I’m bored I go to Fashion Square, which is probably These injunctions are only in the worst place for me to go, because I don’t believe in walking effect for one year. through a mall without holding a bag,” she jokes. The more she sees of Scottsdale, the more she likes. “It’s Ashley D. Adams well maintained and well taken care of. The people who live here care about the area. It’s family-oriented but there’s still a spice about it,” she says. Toren’s hopes for the future include a balance of career, love and family, but for now, as she embarks on her new life in 8245 North 85th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Office: (480) 219-1366 Cell: (602) 524-3801 Scottsdale, you can be sure that this dynamic girl will be add- Facsimile: (480) 219-1451 ing to that spice. November 2010 So Scottsdale! 67SS_64_67Nadine_Nov10.indd 67 10/11/10 12:29:08 PM