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Present simple


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Present simple

  1. 1. Chapter 7 Telling tales Grammar Stepping Stones 3gt
  2. 2. Present simple Gebruik je om een feit of gewoonte te beschrijven. Let op woorden als often, always en never. Bij he, she en it komt er een –s achter het werkwoord. • She often walks to school. • I always jog in the morning. • It never snows in September. • They play tennis every Friday evening.
  3. 3. Now show what you know! (gebruik de present simple) 1. I never ______ alone when it ______ dark. (walk / be) 2. Of course he ______ when it’s your birthday! (know) 3. She ______ more than 100 kilometres every week. (run) 4. She never ______ my questions. (answer) 5. We usually ______ dinner at seven. (have) 6. It almost never ______ in the desert. (rain) 7. We ______ always at home in the weekends. (be)