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Can, could, to be able to


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Can, could, to be able to

  1. 1. Chapter 5 It’s a deal Grammar Stepping Stones 3gt
  2. 2. Can, could en to be able to Can en to be able to betekenen ‘kunnen’. • I can sing very well. • She can’t play tennis very well. • We are able to go out to dinner. • They aren’t able to tell us what’s wrong. De verleden tijd van can is could. • I could sing very well when I was young. • She couldn’t play tennis yesterday.
  3. 3. Can kun je alleen in de verleden tijd zetten (could). Voor alle andere tijden behalve de verleden tijd gebruik je dus een vorm van to be able to: • toekomende tijd: They will be able to pay us back. • present perfect: I haven’t been able to repair my bike.
  4. 4. Now show what you know! (kies het juiste antwoord) 1. I have other plans, so I won’t be able to / will be able to come to the party. 2. Why can’t / couldn’t he help us yesterday? 3. They aren’t able to / are able to drive. They both have driver’s licenses. 4. I can / am not able to walk 30 kilometres. It’s just way too far! 5. We haven’t been able to / can talk to her, because she never answers the phone. 6. Of course you can’t / are able to quit smoking! You just have to try harder.