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Presentation NAiNO 2013


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A selection of works by NAiNO; leading designer: Wendi Bakker.

Published in: Design
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Presentation NAiNO 2013

  1. 1. NAiNOinteriorarchitecture
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae• ARCHITECTURE 1987 - present• Interiorobjects and -furnishing• Small and large scale architecture• Visualisations of architecture• Project-development• ARTS 1985 - present• environmental visualisations;• grafical and textual• TEACHING 1990 - present• Higher/university education at• Academy of Architecture and Townplanning, Tilburg• Academy of Architecture, Maastricht• teacher class. Public Space Design Academy Eindhoven• guestteacher designing• Technical University Eindhoven• workshops representation and visualisation-technics TU Eindhoven and Delft• national en international education-institutes• DIRECTION1995 - present• stichting Complex: artistssateliers housingcomplex
  3. 3. Architecture
  4. 4. 28 ATELIERS, 11 WONINGEN EN 1 EXPOSITIERUIMTEPROJECTARCHITECTEN: Wendi Bakker en Huub Cox publications
  5. 5. From carbox to practice-space publication
  6. 6. Kontur prosjekterToten Sparebank LenaDiverse prosjekter: Totens Sparebank Tranberg Gård Skogli bolig & interiør Sigstad Gård Høyskole Terningen Arena Konkurranse Gran Videregående Interiørforslag 2008 Sandberg Gården
  7. 7. INTERIOR
  8. 8. Designs realized in colaboration withRoeland van de Hidde(president BNI,the offi cial organisation of professionalinteriordesigners in the Netherlands) ofHidde Consultants,Amsterdam.Freelance periode 1997 until 1990.Client: Dutch National Gas BoardSpecial interiordesign for thedispatcheroffices.
  9. 9. The MONASTERY Architecture and renovation: Marx & Steketee Interior living: Wendi Bakkerpublication
  10. 10. lasselitenRestaurant Lasse Liten, GjøvikDesign interiør & akustiske feltprodukter
  11. 11. FeltFurniture Felt Fashion Furniture Fashion
  12. 12. Projecten: Skaftason Dalseg Kontur Kerkwedstrijd
  13. 13. Architectural impressions
  14. 14. publication
  15. 15. GEEL-BLAUWFormaat 88 x 61 cm
  16. 16. publications
  17. 17. publication