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Presentasjon FF


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Presentasjon FF

  1. 1. Furniture Felt Fashion
  2. 2. In 2011 NAiNO developed a product-design department Felt Furniture Fashion Felt fashion for interior spaces and furniture Still live Still Life The earth still lives We are developing designs which after years of heavy and happy duty, can be recycled by nature itself. This research is time taking and complex.As soon as we find new, more satisfying solutions to improve our products, We adjust them. This could result in details of the separate products To be different.
  3. 3. Productgroups• Haut Couture• Prêt-à-porter• Casuals
  4. 4. Haut Couture
  5. 5. Chaise Longue Special delivery
  6. 6. We make special designs toexisting furniture. Likeclothes to fit around a body.
  7. 7. Prêt-à-porter
  8. 8. Stol plag LL2010: designer FFF-NAiNO; Veggtapet *Almost Black*, designer Kama Sviund; Fotografi: Steinar Bendiksvoll
  9. 9. Felt thread Curtains 100% natural wool felt Available in all colours.
  10. 10. Casuals
  11. 11. Bags In all sizes100% natural
  12. 12. S
  13. 13. All bags are handcrafted and made of 100% wool felt.
  14. 14. XL
  15. 15. S M L X XL
  16. 16. XLThis bedouin bag is designed to givestorage space.Measurements:LxBxH120x50x45cm
  17. 17. This bag can be used for many purposesHere we see a pc-laptop storage.The bag has no other than ‘soft’ materials,all natural. M
  18. 18. L
  19. 19. LThis pure 100%wool felt bag hasextra internstorage. Thecolours used canbe chosen in allcolours available.Measurements:BxH:45x45cm
  20. 20. S
  21. 21. M
  22. 22. Colours & Details
  23. 23. Unique Felt Buttons
  24. 24. GripIntegrated in the design
  25. 25. Grip 100% natural leatherwith sheep wool filling
  26. 26. All colour variations are possible