Audimated We Media Miami 2010 PitchIt submission


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Lucas Sommer, won the for-profit category of the We Media Miami 2010 PitchIt! competition. This is his powerpoint presentation.

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Audimated We Media Miami 2010 PitchIt submission

  1. 1. LOVE MUSIC, MAKE MONEY<br />Prepared for: We Media Pitch It Contest2010<br />Lucas Sommer - President<br />305.215.4912<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  2. 2. What is Audimated? ?<br />Audimated is a community which helps Artists and Fans share, discover and monetize independent music. <br />Gather the top revenue driving services for artists into one place, one bank account.<br />Give fans the best possible tools for finding the music they want to support<br />With Audimated , both Artists and Fans get paid for their content.<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  3. 3. What’s the Story?<br />The Problem:<br />Poster Boy, a starving independent artist, cannot effectively monetize his music.<br />Myspace is no longer a solution<br />Artists are not getting “signed”<br />Wasting time, energy and moneyon everything but music<br /> or ??<br />Fan Tastic, a music connoisseur, can’t effectively support independent artists<br />“Support” for the artist is lost on venues, social networks and advertisers<br />Wasting time, energy and moneyon every but music<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  4. 4. The Solution:<br />Audimated Artist Account: (Free)<br />Pays out 90% to the community<br />Provide tracking and analytics<br />Core Competency: Affiliate Program<br />Artists make more moneyletting fans be the sales force for the music<br />Audimated Fan Account: (Free)<br />Quickly and easily find music<br />Browse, Search, Charts<br />Music Recommendations <br />Core Competency: Affiliate Program<br />Fans get paid to share music<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  5. 5. The Market Opportunity:<br />3.4 Billion Dollar INDEPENDENT Music Market<br />US only<br />Doesn’t include underground/unregistered transactions!<br />Doesn’t Include merchandise<br />Itunes, Facebook, Myspace<br />Hundreds of millions of users<br />Eight million plus artist active accounts on Myspace<br />Decreasing prices, increasing quality and greater acceptance of home recording equipment<br />More Artists<br />More dreams<br />More MEDIA!<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  6. 6. The Website Application: BUILT<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  7. 7. Ready for Execution:<br />In BETA testing<br />Trademark Awarded<br />Waiting Customers<br />28,000 Artists<br />18,000 Fans<br />450 Surveys<br />“I am currently selling content”<br />“I want to sell more”<br />Need for relevant information, consolidation of services and interest monetization tools.<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  8. 8. The Budget:<br />Expected expenditures<br />7-12K Hosting in year one<br />12-25k to build 2.0<br />10-15k tradeshows<br />5-10k Campus ambassador program<br />(detailed financials in additional materials)<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  9. 9. Team:<br />Lucas Sommer – President CEO<br />Bachelors in Business Administration<br />Successful Music Industry Entrepreneur<br />Ten years experience monetizing music<br />Andrew Levine – CFO <br />Masters in Business Administration<br />Finance <br />Family history of entrepreneurship and innovation<br />SEEKING Technical Support Team Members <br />From and the people in this room<br />Knowledge and experience<br />Audimated 2.0<br />Sever/Data Scalability<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  10. 10. The Business Model:<br />Compensate Fans to share music <br />Save you friends money, make yourself money<br />Affiliate Program<br />Pays out 90%of revenue to the community<br />Industry ranges between 40% - 75%<br />Premium Services<br />Digital Distribution, Copyright, Internal Advertising, and others… and others… and others…<br />But wait…<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  11. 11. What if: Things could go wrong<br />Is it sustainable?<br />Yes, not add based social network<br />Technology and Process Innovation <br /> Users + Eyeballs + Recurring Revenue + Services + Audimated 2.0 = Success<br />What if Myspace does this over the weekend?<br />Had years to do it, partnered with Snocap<br />Picked their model<br />What about royalties, labels, accounting, multiple songwriters, copyrights… How do you handle all of that?<br />Simple. We don’t.<br />What about data/servers/scalability?<br />Please help!<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  12. 12. What If: IT WORKS!!<br />User base established: 50k-100k Users<br />Audimated 2.0<br />Third User Group: Service Providers<br />Venues, Managers, Agents, Attorneys, etc…<br />Charge the middle men between Artists and Fans<br />External Advertising <br />Live Events<br />Other Countries<br />Other Creative Industries<br />Publishing, Film, Art, Fashion <br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  13. 13. and the 25k<br />Why am I here?<br />Experience and knowledge of the Wemedia community<br />Further innovation building Audimated 2.0<br />The $25,000<br />Launch the website<br />Deliver new MEDIA<br />to hundreds of thousands of artists, fans and consumers<br />RIGHT AWAY<br />REVOLUTIONIZE THE INDEPENDENT MUSIC INDUSTRY<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />
  14. 14. Why Audimated ?<br />Innovation<br />Media rich disruptive technology<br />Sustainable<br />Not adds<br />Cash flow positive community <br />(see additional materials)<br />Right Now<br />Use of funds<br />Save the independent music industry<br />Lucas Sommer – President – 305.215.4912 –<br />