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I was the writer, editor and did much of the photography for a wonderful series of gift/souvenir books entitled "Historic Hospitality." I created these books for a local publisher, several of which are not featured in this brochure. The brochure does, however, give a good overview of the content of this very popular line/

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Gift/Souvenir Books by Mary Lawson

  1. 1. A collectable series of site-specific books featuring vintage photography and timeless recipes showcasing America’s iconic hotels and resorts, historic destinations, and Main Street communities
  2. 2. In contrast to the industry’s move to template-driven standardization, Providence House Publishers proudly produces a distinctive series of books with exceptional craftsmanship and beauty at an affordable price.• Unique full-color cover and distinctive oblong 9x6 format, easily distinguishable on retail shelves.• Beautifully illustrated 128-page design.• Thread-sewn soft cover binding for exceptional durability.• Full color printing on heavy gloss enamel paper stock.• Individual retail list price of $18.95. EACH BOOK INCLUDES: History Brief informative narrative with intriguing stories of each featured property. Photography Pictorial account with rarely seen historical images and contemporary photography. Recipes The best of updated classic selections from best-selling cookbook author Daisy King.
  3. 3. Historic Hospitality books combine three of the most popular genres of published works into one beautiful bestseller!Why participate in Historic Hospitality?When you are selected as a featured Historic Hospitality property, your identity as a distinctive historicalentity can become an essential tool of your marketing and/or capital fundraising program. As ourpublishing partner, you will have access to a unique revenue-generating tool, which can result in: • Increased marketability—Identifies you with a select group of distinctive properties. • Increased sales—Multiple distribution channels, including online booksellers and local retailers, optimize the visibility of your property in the marketing world. Your book meets customers at their preferred purchase outlets. • Increased income—Earn 100% profit on all inventory resold through the Historic Hospitality program and receive royalties for copies sold in the distribution channels beyond your property. • Increased customer loyalty—The “Meet me at . . .” invitational phrase that begins the title of each book in the Historic Hospitality Series creates a personal connection for your guests to achieve your optimum marketing goal—repeat business. Their use as gifts to share memories and recipes with others promotes future business.
  4. 4. H I S T O R I C H O S P I TA L I T Y B O O K S F E AT U R E :
  5. 5. H I S T O RY • P H O T O G R A P H Y • R E C I P E S
  6. 6. PA RT N E R S I N P U B L I S H I N GWhat Providence House Publishers does:If you qualify as an official Historic Hospitality site and take advantage of our Historic Hospitality series,the Providence House Publisher’s editorial and design staff will: • Offer our expertise and professional service—Our experienced staff will help guarantee that your completed book is the best possible representation of your site, as well as the most appealing product to your customers. • Tell your story—Our writers will create a compelling narrative utilizing the historical information you provide and feature particular outstanding stories through interesting sidebars. • Showcase your site—We will beautifully design your book utilizing the images you and our staff photographer provide. • Provide classic regional recipes—We will incorporate up to forty recipes selected and updated by nationally recognized cookbook author Daisy King. (In the event your site has a distinguished chef, we can incorporate many of their recipes into your book.) • Assume all publishing expenses and product development responsibilities. • Manufacture and maintain warehouse inventory on your completed title. • Distribute published books thorough the wholesale and retail trade—All Historic Hospitality books are listed with Ingram Book Company and Baker and Taylor, the two leading bookselling industry distributors. We will maintain a commercial retail presence primarily on a regional basis, as well as make them available through Amazon, Providence House Publisher’s retail website, and other direct selling methods. • Make books available to you at a 50% discount regardless of order size. • Remit commissions or royalties earned from the sales of the books to wholesale and retail outlets.
  7. 7. TOGETHER CREATING A BEAUTIFULLY DISTINCTIVE BOOKWhat Providence House Publishers needs from you:If you are selected to participate in our exclusive program, and you choose to do so, you will: • Provide historical information—Source material with historical data will be necessary for our staff writers to create your site’s unique narrative. • Provide historic photographs—A substantial number of reproducible images will be necessary, the more, the better. They may include vintage photos, illustrations, newspaper clippings, artifacts, etc. • Provide contemporary photographs—Numerous recent images reflecting the character and beauty of your property will enhance your book. A PHP photographer will supplement your images. • Provide prepublication approval—Review page proofs for accuracy and appearance. No Historic Hospitality book will be published without your full approval and agreement. • Offer the book for sale in all appropriate internal sales channels—Creatively showcase your books in-house through proprietary retail settings and other venues or events. Assist the publisher in positioning your Historic Hospitality book in appropriate retail locations in your community or region. An ongoing retail presence creates continual marketing visibility and will generate increased sales. • Consult on future changes and revisions to ensure that subsequent editions and reprints are current and relevant. ENJOY YOUR BOOK. THE PERFECT GIFT OR SOUVENIR. BON APPETITE! Each book includes deliciously cookable recipes from nationally known, bestselling cookbook authorDaisy King. Her fresh take on classic recipes in easy-to-prepare formats will be a treasured part of your kitchen and the perfect gift for a friend!
  8. 8. L E T O U R H I S T O R I C H O S P I TA L I T Y S E R I E S W O R K F O R Y O U !Who qualifies to participate as publishing partners in the Historic Hospitality series?Providence House Publishers will identify participants based upon each property’s historical relevance,excellence in operation, and volume of visitors. Potential partners include: • Notable hotels and resorts with a commitment to the preservation of their historical identity. • Prominent house museums that have demonstrated excellence in operation and a high volume of visitors. • Main Street communities known for historic preservation with a commitment to heritage tourism. About Providence House Publishers Providence House Publishers is committed to preserving the fine art of publishing.We have been creating award-winning books for corporations, organizations, and individuals fornearly twenty years. With more than seven hundred exceptional titles by a variety of prominentauthors and institutions, we are recognized for our unsurpassed editorial excellence and expertlycrafted books. Whatever the genre, Providence House Publishers has demonstrated a lastingcommitment to integrity, value, and artisan publishing.