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A-Z Resource


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A-Z Resource

  1. 1. BackA-Z Resource Folder
  2. 2. Back A-Z Resource Folder Welcome page for the A-Z AwardsCD’s containing flashanimation as well ascoaching cards for thefull content of all 4levels (260 skills)
  3. 3. BackA-Z Resource Folder Introduction to the A-Z Awards and information for affiliation to Welsh Gymnastics
  4. 4. BackA-Z Resource Folder Pass Rate Sheet and suggestions how to assess your pupils
  5. 5. BackA-Z Resource Folder Overview of the award across all 9 categories, conditioning, choreography, flexibility, skills, bars, bench, trampette, board and hand apparatus
  6. 6. BackA-Z Resource Folder Skills are broken down into family groups e.g. Rolling, balance family to give further ideas to session delivery
  7. 7. BackA-Z Resource Folder Example Session Plans for 1 hour sessions
  8. 8. BackA-Z Resource Folder Medal Award Sheet and three suggested routines
  9. 9. Back A-Z Resource Folder Repeated format for Silver, Gold and Platinum Award sections Remaining Silver, Gold and Platinum LevelsA-Z Resource folder is also accompanied by :7 Class Achievement Sheets, 9 Posters (4 A1 & 5 A2 Posters)1 Sticker Card & Set of stickers, 1 Bronze certificate & badge
  10. 10. Silver, Gold and Platinum Back Poster Packs 4 A1 Posters and 5 A2 Posters per level
  11. 11. BackA-Z CD Work Coaching Cards as well as animations of skills
  12. 12. Available to Purchase Stickers Sticker Cards Certificates & Badges