Squeeze Maximum Money From Affiliate Efforts?


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Squeeze Maximum Money From Affiliate Efforts?

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Squeeze Maximum Money From Affiliate Efforts?

  1. 1. How To Squeeze As Much Money As You Can From Your Affiliate EffortsHow To Squeeze As Much Money As YouCan From Your Affiliate Efforts By Welly Mulia Page 1
  2. 2. How To Squeeze As Much Money As You Can From Your Affiliate EffortsI want to specifically reach out to affiliate marketers.If you are an affiliate marketer, of course you promote other people’s products/services inexchange for commissions right? Youd most likely ask questions like "what is the highestpaying affiliate program?"Now, the process of doing affiliate marketing correctly to get as much commissions as you canis by no means easy – nothing that brings about great reward is easy by the way. You’ve spentso much time and effort promoting other people’s products; of course it makes perfect sense totry to squeeze as much money as you possibly can from your efforts.How Do You Squeeze As Much Money As You Can?If you’re like most affiliate marketers, you’d probably do that by promoting products that payyou the highest commission right?However, that’s not the smartest thing to do.Let’s run some numbers to give you a clearer picture:=========================Product A sells for $97 and affiliates get paid $48.50 per sale. Product B sells for $47 andaffiliates get paid $23.50 per sale.=========================At first glance, it makes more sense to promote product A instead of B because the commissionis higher. But if you think deeper, that may not necessarily be the case.What if I told you the example above is only part of the story – meaning the story is notcomplete…The whole story goes like this:=========================Product A sells for $97 and affiliates get paid $48.50 per sale. Product B sells for $47 andaffiliates get paid $23.50 per sale. B’s product owner, however, pays MULTIPLE commissions for Page 2
  3. 3. How To Squeeze As Much Money As You Can From Your Affiliate Effortshis multiple products bought by the SAME customer; whereas A’s product owner only paysONCE – meaning he does not pay commissions if the same customer buys his other products.=========================Now… which one is more interesting to you? Which one do you want to promote as an affiliatemarketer?My Point Is This: Since you are spending precious time and working hard to promote otherpeople’s products, you should squeeze as much money as you can from your efforts – and theway to do that is by promoting a product(s) that has the highest affiliate payout.BUT remember that the highest affiliate payout is NOT determined by how muchcommissions you get from a single sale – rather it’s determined by how much each visitor yousend to the product owner is worth now AND ALSO IN THE FUTURE.In our affiliate program (the Get Profits Fast Affiliate Program) you can be sure that your visitorvalue is MAXIMIZED by us now AND ALSO IN THE FUTURE.How?By employing 6 important affiliate benefits that most, if not all, affiliate programs lack…(click the image below to see clearer)If you’re currently actively promoting other people’s products/services in the internetmarketing or make money online market, think again. Are you maximizing your commissions atevery possible opportunity?WelcomeI’m pretty sure your answer is no, which is why I welcome you with open arms to join the BESTand HIGHEST paying affiliate program in the internet marketing market – the Get Profits FastAffiliate Program.Why is our affiliate program designed to give you, the affiliate, the highest possiblecommissions?It’s simply really. The more money you make, the more money we at Get Profits Fast make too.No hidden motives, no trickery. Just plain simple like that. That’s what you call honest straighttalk… Page 3
  4. 4. How To Squeeze As Much Money As You Can From Your Affiliate EffortsFor support, go to:http://www.GetProfitsFast.com/supportFor Beginners----------------------------------------------How to replace your job with an internet business -> Click hereFor More Advanced Marketers----------------------------------------------Exact system on how to build a 20k/month business -> Click here2 Minute Squeeze Pages (to build your list)----------------------------------------------Set up your HIGH CONVERTING and PROFESSIONAL squeeze page in 2 minutes flat-> Click hereThe HIGHEST Paying Affiliate Program?----------------------------------------------Our affiliate program blow all competition out of the water. Yes, thats including Clickbank-> Click hereCHEAPEST Minisite Design On Earth----------------------------------------------High quality design @ the cheapest price? -> Click here Page 4