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The Wellness Formula is an easy guide to living healthy without spending all your time in the kitchen or all your money at the grocery store.

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Wellness formula

  1. 1. The Wellness FormulaHealthy Living without spending all your time in the kitchen or all your money at the grocery store!
  2. 2. What is the Wellness Lifestyle?Provide healthy whole foods for yourfamily without breaking the bankStep by step guides to convert to morenatural cleaning and beauty optionsFitness and health changes you canmake at home on a budget
  3. 3. Why?
  4. 4. Cancer Rates
  5. 5. Diabetes Rates
  6. 6. What Went Wrong?Rising rates of disease & obesityEven kids are affected by obesityBehavioral problemsRampant reproductive problemsAllergy and autoimmune problemsIt’s getting worse!
  7. 7. What Changed?
  8. 8. The Vicious CyclePoor diet and toxic lifestyle lead to poorhealth or acute problemsGet sick or injuredUse conventional methods to treat withchemicalsChemicals suppress immune functionand put toxins in the bodyRinse. Repeat.
  9. 9. Conventional Wisdom Says:Eat Low-fat foodsAvoid saturated fatsEat “healthy whole grains”Use vegetable oils in place of animalfats, saturated fats or butterEat less to lose weight?
  10. 10. You Are What You Eathormone filled meatsfluffy white foodsartificially created fatschemically altered sugarsa cocktail of chemicals
  11. 11. -24 pounds of artificial sweeteners-29 pounds of french fries cooked in vegetable oil-600 pounds of pasteurized dairy -1+ gallons of soda a week -23 pounds of pizza
  12. 12. What If?Fat isn’t the problem?The type of foods matter evenmore than the amount?Cholesterol doesn’t matter?Grains and processed foods aretoxic?We have it all backwards?
  13. 13. Man is the only animal smart enough tomanufacture foods, and the only one stupid enough to eat them. -Barry Groves
  14. 14. Foods Matter!We’ve forgotten that food is first forNUTRITION and second for pleasure.We live to eat rather than eat to live
  15. 15. Genetics?We aren’t necessarily stuck in ourgenes.Genes are the blueprint for our healthand bodies, but the foods we eat are thebuilding blocks that we build thatbuilding with.
  16. 16. Stop to consider:How could foods we’ve always eaten (meats,saturated fats, vegetables) be the problem?How can we fix it by eating foods thatdidn’t even exist until the last century?When 16% of our GDP goes to healthcare,something is WRONGDisease is NOT NORMAL!
  17. 17. Grains:Cornerstone of conventional dietConsidered healthyWidely consumedFull of lectins and water soluble proteinsthat can harm small intestineModified forms are highly allergenicand are linked to autoimmune issues
  18. 18. Sugar:Increases insulin levels = diabetes andobesityWeakens immune systemDepletes mineralsIncreases uric acidWe consume on average more than 150pounds a year!
  19. 19. Could FOOD be the Problem and the Solution?
  20. 20. Real Food:Non-processedComes from NaturePerishableNourish body on a cellular levelProvide nutrients rather than deplete themProvide the body with the right buildingblocks to build the foundation of healthCan change your health!
  21. 21. But...Aren’t they more expensive?Take more time?How do you figure out what foods areactually healthy?My family won’t eat them!Too much work!
  22. 22. Take Control of Your Health!You CAN feed your family real foodswithout breaking the bank.You CAN cook healthy foods that yourfamily will enjoyYou CAN give your children a solidnutritional and health foundationIt doesn’t have to mean restriction butfreedom, more energy and better health
  23. 23. My Story
  24. 24. What Real Food Can Do:Improve digestionIncrease energyFacilitate weight lossReduce risk of diseaseHelp behavioral problemsReverse reproductive problemsImprove sleepImprove skin, hair, nails, and even TEETH
  25. 25. The Core Foods:Unprocessed, healthy meats & seafoodHealthy sources of fats: healthy animalfats, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado,butter, ghee, etcVegetables & FruitsBroths and fermented foodsHerbs and Spices
  26. 26. How to Do It:Meal Plan!Stick to a routineUse cheaper, healthier cleaning optionsEasy natural beauty optionsEasy at-home activities for fitness
  27. 27. The Lifestyle FactorsSleepReduce StressDrink Water (not sugar)Exercise the right wayAvoid toxinsSupplement WiselySpend time outside and in the sun
  28. 28. The Wellness Formula Eating Real Foods + Avoiding Lifestyle Toxins + ReducingStress + Getting Enough Sleep + Supplementing Wisely = Your Optimal Lifestyle
  29. 29. Your Turn!Download the Quick Start Guide belowDownload the free meal plan belowCommit to healthier living for 30 days!Leave a comment telling me three steps youWILL take today to start changing your lifeHave a chance to win some healthy foods!