HEALTH PERx (Basic Overview)


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HEALTH PERx (Basic Overview)

  1. 1. Innovative Strategies toReduce Healthcare Costs
  2. 2. Pharmacy Savings CardSignificant discounts on both brand-nameand generic drugs at more than 67,000pharmacies.Savings of 11% to 75% with an average of53% off the retail price of most Rxpurchases.The Pharmacy Savings Card isavailable as a stand-alone FREE benefit
  3. 3. Pharmacy Savings CardEven though cardholders may have apharmacy benefit, many prescriptionsaren’t covered and all must first meetdeductible. There are 33,000 prescriptions below $7 Drugs not covered: cosmetic drugs, appetite suppressants, smoking cessation prescriptions, prenatal vitamins or nutritional supplies, inject-able supplies, contraceptive devices, immunizations and vaccines and many more Our card covers them all.
  4. 4. Additional Pharmacy Card BenefitsCan look up pharmacies and prices onlineMail Order Price GuaranteeCash Rebates on over 1000 branded drugs.Smoking Cessation programDiagnostic Lab, X-ray and Imaging DiscountsAccess to “Health & Wellness Focus” portal (This is a tremendous education and empowerment tool)
  5. 5. SUMMARY• We own our own network—more than 67,000 pharmacies• We offer excellent discounts to the consumer (11-75%)• We offer cash rebates on many brand drugs• We collect and pay out on 93% of all prescriptions• We provide “real time” monitoring capabilities• We provide smoking cessation discounts and educational tools• We provide discounts on Lab, X-ray and Imaging• We provide a comprehensive, user friendly, readable health information resource• Everything can be branded• We operate a “transparent” pass-through business model so there are no hidden features
  6. 6. Other Value Add Benefits. Health Savings Telemedicine Vision Care Dental Care Hearing Care Complete benefit information, provider locators, FAQs and links to Rx price finder and Lab discounts can be found by visiting
  7. 7. Telemedicine.Using Telemedicine as the core benefit, studies have shown reductions in doctor office visits, ER visits, absenteeism and overall healthcare costs while promoting wellness, prevention and personal responsibility.Most Notable Features and Benefits:• Access to board certified physicians 24/7• 45%-64% reduction in overall physician office visits and 15%-35% reduction in ER visits for non-emergency health issues• Successful diagnosis and treatment for 94% of calls with 98% satisfaction level• One card covers the entire familyAdditional health benefits including Dental, Vision and Hearing Care and Fitness Clubs make this program a valuable and strategic solution to many of today’s healthcare challenges.
  8. 8. Other Benefits Lifestyle Benefits Emergency Roadside Assistance Identity Theft Protection Legal Services Direct Tax Help Line Pet Care Fitness Club Discounts Complete benefit information, provider locators and FAQs can be found by visiting
  9. 9. How Can _________ Benefit? Pharmacy is the most highly used and visible component of an individual’s health care benefits  A high-value FREE companion card for your members Health Savings  Benefits that can save the family thousands of dollars a year in out of pocket expenses and preserve their HSA accounts Lifestyle Benefits  Non-health benefits that can save families even more moneyVoluntary BenefitsSelect benefits to include and we will develop wholesale pricing.Involuntary or Embedded BenefitsBased upon group size and projections or guarantees, we will develop involuntary pricing package.
  10. 10. Our Standard Packages
  11. 11. Contact: