The IDEA......"It"s bigger than you think........The it App launching to the public Summer 2014


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Coming Summer 2014

Snap it Tag it Wish it Post it Get Paid.............................

Join as a FREE affiliate here

Leafit is the first Social Media company in the world to pay their users for the content they post daily.
Why not become a Distributor for this company and get paid for promoting and selling Leafit products to new Prospects and Business owners looking for advertising?

For more Distributor information, please register to watch a Leafit 'Business and Product Overview' webinar at ....
The 'it' App and desktop version Leafit will enable the free user to make money from taking photos of their daily lives, tagging the photo content for products (and services) and sharing those images with their friends.

When the picture is shared, friends can click on the image and are presented with products lists and prices world wide.

Any purchases subsequently made via the e-commerce companies advertising with Leafit as a result of ANYONE from ANY Social Media account clicking a picture, this will create a sales commission payment to the originator of the tagged photo.

Your Leafit account will link to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snap-Chat so you can manage all of your accounts from your leafit account.

Share you pictures on other Social media platforms and whoever makes a purchase whether with Leafit or not will earn you a commission payment.

You can even tag your friends pictures on other Social Media platforms and when you do this, your friend will be sent an invite automatically to join Leafit and share in the sales commissions from that shared photo.

To arrange a one-to-one explanation of this innovative and pioneering company please post a comment below this video or contact me by any of the following:-

Email :

Skype : starestelle59

Mobile: 07734388112



To join my Leafit business team, please use this link to open your FREE account and then contact me expressing your interest in this business.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To satisfy compliance guidelines please also visit

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The IDEA......"It"s bigger than you think........The it App launching to the public Summer 2014

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