Paper cut toshiba acdi e-learning-12.5.1


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12.5 Mobile Release PaperCut MF update

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Paper cut toshiba acdi e-learning-12.5.1

  1. 1. Presented by:– ToshibaMatt Bennett – ACDI
  2. 2. Target Markets • Colleges • Public Libraries • Business Centers • Law Firms . . . and anyone who wants “Find Me Printing”
  3. 3. 12.5 Mobile Print Release
  4. 4. Secure Print Release Options• Secure Print Release is an increasingly important requirement in most organizations. Traditionally this has been accomplished with embedded MFD software and external terminals.
  5. 5. 12.5 Mobile Print Release• PaperCut 12.5 introduces a new option for print release that can be used by any organization. It’s quick, easy, cost effective and doesn’t require a hardware investment. This is made possible by the touch screen device almost everyone carries in their pocket – the mobile phone.
  6. 6. 12.5 Mobile Print Release
  7. 7. 12.5 Mobile Print ReleaseEver printed something confidential only to then raceto the printer and collect it before someone else does?
  8. 8. 12.5 Mobile Print ReleaseWith Mobile Print Release you’ll no longer have to worry about others picking upconfidential print jobs.Simply print to a hold/release queue and when you’re at the printer, release the jobusing PaperCuts Mobile Print Release app. This new feature will work with anyprinter, and most modern mobile phones.
  9. 9. 12.5 Mobile Print Release
  10. 10. 12.5 Mobile Print ReleaseWith Mobile Print Release you’ll no longer have to worry about others picking upconfidential print jobs.Simply print to a hold/release queue and when you’re at the printer, release thejob using PaperCuts Mobile Print Release app. This new feature will work withany printer, and most modern mobile phones.
  11. 11. Virtual Print Queue
  12. 12. Virtual Print Queue
  13. 13. Virtual Print Queue
  14. 14. Virtual Print Queue
  15. 15. Virtual Print Queue
  16. 16. New Features in 12.5Mobile Print Release: Release print jobs from your mobile phone. In a secureprinting environment, jobs are normally released using releasestations, embedded MFD software or specialist hardware. PaperCut MobilePrint Release provides a cost effective solution that leverages the powerfuldevice that exists in almost everyones pocket - the mobile phone.Windows 8: The PaperCut User Client now displays notifications on theWindows 8 Start Screen ("Metro"). This means that PaperCut print notificationsare now prominent when printing from a new style full screen app.In recent months PaperCut has been deployed at some very largeorganizations (some with over 10,000 printers!). As a result of these projectswe have made a number of "under the hood" performance improvements fromwhich sites of all sizes will benefit!
  17. 17. 12.5 Enhancements• Improvements to how print jobs are handled while in a hold/release queue, reducing the time between a user release action and the job starting to print. This change will also provide improved scalability for sites with large numbers of jobs in hold/release queues.• Tune memory settings on 64-bit systems for improved performance.• To avoid accidental loss of settings changes a warning message is now displayed when attempting to close important pages with unsaved changes.• Improved behavior when communicating with an LDAP server on an unreliable network. LDAP queries now time out after a reasonable time if they appear to be "hung".• When using multiple personal accounts, different payment types can be automatically allocated to defined personal accounts. E.g. Top-Up/Pre-Paid cards can be paid into an account called "Paid Printing".
  18. 18. 12.5 Enhancements• When the user/group sync process detects duplicate user card numbers, a warning message is logged.• Sites with a large number of printers will benefit from improved performance in the admin interface.• Windows: The list of ignored virtual print queues (e.g. virtual fax and "PDF printers") has been updated.• Added support for sending email notifications using SSL/TLS only (i.e. not STARTTLS).• Added support for retrieving serial numbers from a wider range of Canon printers.
  19. 19. 12.5 Enhancements• Linux: Users are prompted whether to delete backup files on uninstall.• Linux/Mac: When using print job redirection there is now an option to maintain the jobs original user identity. This can help to identify the owner of problem jobs.• The installer now discourages the installation of a Web Print sandbox install on server-class operating systems (a desktop class system is recommended).• The installer installation on a virtual machine and recommends a best practice knowledge base article.• External Account Source custom integrations: If the external source does not explicitly indicate if a user can / cannot charge to shared accounts they are no longer considered disabled.
  20. 20. 12.5 Enhancements• Release Station: It is now possible to add clickable hyperlinks in the release stations instructions text.• Significant performance improvements to the "Shared Account Security Access" report.• Custom defined links in the user web interface will now open in a new tab.• Improved documentation for setting up Windows print server clusters in "active-active" mode.• Added an option to db-tools import-db to validate the integrity of export files (backups).• Various translation updates.• Added support for displaying Lithuanian and Polish characters in PDF reports.• Release station: If there is an error connecting to the server during user login, display feedback to the user.
  21. 21. Printer Compatibility Improvements• Fixed problem caused by incorrectly attempting to apply watermarks to HP JetReady printers with GDI drivers.• Fixed grayscale conversion for HP Color LaserJet CP4520 Series PCL6.• Improved page counting for short HP PCL5 documents.• Fixed detection on Xerox DocuTech/DocuSP PCL6 printer drivers.• Improved n-up detection on Xerox ApeosPort PCL6 printers.• Added page size and duplex detection for Canon LIPS printers including LBP 1820 and LBP 5700.• Fixed 11x17 page size detection for Canon UFR printers.
  22. 22. Printer Compatibility Improvements• Fixed grayscale filter for Canon iR-ADV C5045/5051 PS3.• Improved page counting for very simple Ricoh PCL5 documents.• Improved grayscale detection for Kyocera TASKalfa 3050ci PCL6.• Fixed potential double-counting of copies for Epson LP-3500.• Fixed page size detection for EpsonLP-S700.• Added n-up detection for OKI PCL5 printers.• Added page-level color detection for Oce ColorWave 650 PS printer driver.• Added page count, page dimensions and copy count support for KIP 7100.
  23. 23. 12.5 Fixes• Fix on-demand mode payment gateways and charging for jobs logged during a connection outage between the print server and application server (i.e. when performing print job replay).• Fixed problems with iOS printing when using iOS version 6.• Fixed rare crash bug that could occur when performing page-level color detection of PostScript jobs.• Fixed regression that may have caused Web Print to not accept XPS documents.• Fixed problem upgrading on 64-bit Windows from very old versions of PaperCut (7.2 or older).
  24. 24. 12.5 Fixes• Fixed issue that could cause Web Print jobs to time out when a large number of jobs is submitted within a short period. User feedback about job status has also been improved.• Fixed issue that may occur when releasing a very large batch of held print jobs.• Card authentication at release stations: Fixed issue that may have caused the card field to lose focus (leading to misreads).• Improvements to the reliability of Web Print for selected Microsoft Office documents if Office hangs.• Fixed an issue that may have prevented admin users from accessing printers.
  25. 25. Questions
  26. 26. PaperCut Engagement Process1. Engage ACDI • If necessary, request participation in sales call • Determine PaperCut solution (Commercial, Educational or Professional) including possible additional hardware such as card readers etc.2. Get MSRP quotation from ACDI • Get your pricing from FYI/Solutions3. Present solution to prospect4. Submit PO to Toshiba5. Products ship within 1-3 business days (Little Rock, AR)
  27. 27. Summary
  28. 28. Access Control Devices, Inc. 7428 Lindsey Road | Little Rock, AR 72206 Phone 800.990.2234 www.acd-inc.comExample Presentation Footer Copy
  29. 29. Thank YouExample Presentation Footer Copy