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Are you asking your employees to change their health?
Do they know how to do that?

Without a way to change THINKING PATTERNS, creating a lasting healthy lifestyle shift among your employees will continue to be out of reach. Thinking patterns, or human behavior, is the bedrock of change.Turning e-motion into action is the key...

It takes 21 days to create a new habit and 21 months to become anything, or create a new way of life... My program; Drawn Into Wellness allows people to think through their pencil so they outgrow their current conditioning faster and have a blueprint for becoming a "natural" at self-care.

Your employees and staff will benefit from this engaging and transformational program which explains the invisible barriers that are universal and how to redesign their lives so that they can thrive...and not just get by.

Take a test drive and book me for the first hour by signing up below.
Click HERE now...
( The $350.00 is refundable if the company goes forward with a 12 week coaching package.)

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Drawn into Wellness with Heather Shreve

  1. 1. ~Drawn Into Wellness ™~The ‘Tools of Engagement’ Q & A with Heather Shreve Certified Wellcoach, Behavior Specialist Designer & Strategist ~ Drawn Into Wellness
  2. 2. So, what is Drawn Into Wellness all about? “ It is a 12 week strength-based coaching program that compels employees to ask a bigger question and design goals with real thinking tools that engage, challenge and give your workforce self-designed reasons to change their health.
  3. 3. “Think of it like the battery that gives them the “juice” to go the distance…The more thought that goes into their plan-the better the outcomes.” + =
  4. 4. How is this different thanother wellness programs? “Most programs tell people to change…usually their outward symptoms of unhealthy living like weight gain, appearing unmotivated, skipping the gym, etc. My program asks them a bigger question…i.e. ‘ Are my current habits, patterns, beliefs and values getting me where I want to go?’”
  5. 5. “ Ahhh- But did you know But I’ve tried to there are 7 Invisible Forces do all the ‘right’ that keep us things… ‘stuck in a routine?and nothing ever works ? Do you know what ‘double bound’ means?”
  6. 6. Hmmm…but what does this mean for us? “It means, that once you understand these invisible forces -you are back in the drivers seat ! You get to take your power BACK and design a life you choose !
  7. 7. Heather: “ Yes! Participation is key- and Wow! the user-friendlyThat’s it? workbook walks you through with thinking exercises. You will discover your gifts and strengths, Assess your thinking patterns, your old ‘blueprint, and then design and refocus on what you really want!
  8. 8. “ Since we have begun the 12 week program, DrawnInto Wellness, with Heather we have all individuallydesigned health goals and are actively working onachieving them.The staff is now thinking differently about themselvesand our responsibility to our health. Everyone hasexperienced improvements in their lives.Heather has shown us the invisible forces that kept uswhere we are-we know now there are much biggerreasons to take care of ourselves and that we arevaluable as people.We are now juicing fruits and vegetables as a team atwork every week! Heather continues to be amotivation and inspiration to us,and going forward we have the tools to not onlychange our health-But anything we want.”Debra Sadler,Coordinator; Lorien Health , Ellicott City , MDNov. 2012
  9. 9. So- where do we begin? “ We begin with a one hour presentation that gets to the heart of the program~ The 7 Invisible forces Which are either empowering or dis-empowering you in your journey to better health. If you and the employees like it- We go forward with the whole program.” Here is an example of an invisible force: #1: The 21 Club~ It takes 21 months to shift a lifestyle and become a ‘natural’ at anything, including self-care.
  10. 10. Drawn Into Wellness is…-Streamlined-Has no implementation cost- Is learner and trainer driven-Is expandable to 21 months and more-Is individualized/ custom for eachperson- Is measurable*-AND is available in a completecurriculum to train your own staff Can be delivered via live Webinar or on site.* Meets or exceeds the guidelines set out by US Corporate Wellness in 10 areas measured for ROI
  11. 11. Check out my website right now to learn more and sign up for the first introductory hour: http://www.lifeguardwellness.com/corporatewellness.html First hour is $350.00 on site or $250.00 via webinar. Both are refundable when you proceed with the whole 12 week Drawn Into Wellness group coaching program. Workbooks are $18.95 and volume discounts are available. Heather Shreve :“Ask me today, how this can work for you!” mailto:thelifeguard@lifeguardwellness.com Follow me on Facebook: Lifeguard Wellnessand Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wellconomist 410-374-2246