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Marketing 16th aug 2012


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a Presentation to motivate and invite high school and college graduates to go for Marketing as a career option. An introduction to Marketing as a career option.

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Marketing 16th aug 2012

  1. 1. Marketing 16th Aug 2012
  2. 2. Enter into the glamorous World of Marketing
  3. 3. It is a tricky path!
  4. 4. A simple Marketing System
  5. 5. Elements of Marketing 6P’s of Marketing• Product (Service)• Place (Target Mkt)• Price• Promotion• People (Staff)• Process
  6. 6. Why Marketing as Career Choice?• Challenge• Problem Solving• Strategising• Meet People from differing backgrounds• New Techniques to learn• Generate New Ideas• Enjoyable and Fun
  7. 7. Categories of Marketing• Product Management (Create, Real Estate Innovate, Design)• Brand Management Hospitality Management• Marketing Communication Retail Management• Advertising & Promotion• Internet/ Web Marketing (New) Sales Management• Social Marketing (New) Service Marketing• Marketing Research Sports Marketing• Distribution and Logistics• E- Commerce Travel/Tourism Mktg• Merchandising• Public Relations
  8. 8. What are various careers in Marketing?• Internet Marketing • Social Media Marketing• Offline Marketing • Referral Marketing• Outbound Marketing • Guerrilla Marketing• Inbound Marketing • Promotional Marketing• Newsletter Marketing • Affiliate Marketing• Article Marketing • Viral Marketing• Trade Show Marketing • Viral Marketing• Search Marketing • B2B Marketing• Direct Marketing • B2C Marketing• Niche Marketing • Mobile Marketing• Drip marketing • Telemarketing• Database Marketing • Direct Mail Marketing
  9. 9. • Marketing is one of the most popular career destinations for newly qualified graduates.
  10. 10. What is the Power of Marketing?
  11. 11. Marketing Creates Products!
  12. 12. Marketing Creates Brands!
  13. 13. Marketing Creates Icons!
  14. 14. Marketing is Innovation!
  15. 15. Marketing Creates Aspirations!
  16. 16. Converts commodities into Brands!Star Bucks, Café Coffee Coca Cola, Pepsi Day
  17. 17. Marketing encourages Creativity!
  18. 18. Marketing Converts Opportunity into Winning Products!
  19. 19. And Above All!
  20. 20. Marketing Creates Careers!
  21. 21. And Also!
  22. 22. Marketing Creates Competition!
  23. 23. Take A Decision Today!“ Now is no time to thinkof what you do not have.Think of what you can dowith what there is. ”— Ernest Hemingway
  24. 24. Come into the Magic called Marketing and Create your OWN Magic!