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See the comparison between three outstanding MLM businesses. Mary Kay, Melaleuca and Empower Network.

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  1. 1. Melaleuca, Mary Kay, MLM Review mary- kay- mlm- review?id=wellcraft3 December 6, 2012Melaleuca Review, and Mary Kay Review…How does it compare?Having been a member of Melaleuca for several years, It was our second stab a MLM (Multi LevelMarketing). Our first was Mary Kay Products.My wife was in the Mortgage industry and was lookingto get into something she could do from home. Notsure how we originally heard about Mary Kay, but mostlikely from a business friend, or word of mouth. Allsounded good as my wife loved the products and likelyfelt that since she knew a lot of personal businessconnections it would be an easy sell. Say what? Holdon. Want to make quick enemies of some of your friends, relatives, neighbors and businessassociates? Don’t mention what you want to meet with them about and it looks like a “blind sideAmway ambush.” Mention anything about a “pyramid” and they think you are doing somethingillegal.Inventory? What do you mean you have to have a spare room of products ready for shipment?You mean you have to ship your own products to your customers, and also call them to re-order.Hell, this is getting really cumbersome. What are the commissions?Sell enough and they provide you with a “Pink Cadillac” to run around in. Woops, watch out, lookout the window and you see a Mary Kay distributor may be knocking on your door. Pull the curtainsand lock the doors.And what kind of income are we talking about? Well, these are today’s numbers, so think what itwas like 15 years ago.One recruit was told that if she held one skin-care class a week, she would be able to earn$17,040 a year. She was told a lot of consultants are making $100 an hour. In reality, the best thatwe were able to figure out for actual numbers is that of the U.S. sales force of 600,000 women,maybe 300 of them are making six figures. The rest are, at best, making $25,000-30,000 a year. It’sreally a minimum wage or a sub-minimum wage job.And this is what we did for over a year, and literally made no money. However, my wife had skincare products for at least 5 years. I think our original investment in products was around $5,000.This business faded into the night.Melaleuca rises from over the hill into a sunny, clear blue sky morning.
  2. 2. Here comes our savior at last.This Melaleuca Review will will focus on a business that sappeared more to our liking. These aremostly household products, from food bars, to antiperspirant deodorant, to green eco-sensitivecleaning products that everyone needs. Much more of a variety to sell, and more highlyconsumable.Now we still have a lot of our friends and relatives left, even as a result of Mary Kay, as we didn’tforce them to buy Mary Kay products, just listen to our lectures. After all, we can now approachthe husbands as well, as they were pretty much out of the picture with the Mary Kay products.Now that we know how to hold meeting and gather people together, andbecause these Melaleuca products are something everyone needs, and we f indthat a lot of the products are concentrated and go f urther than store-bought,this makes them a more likeable product line and very cost-ef f ective as well,compared to retail brick and mortar store bought products.Oops! Have to buy our sales brochures, some pocket folders for our presentations, and don’tforget the business cards. Let’s schedule at least 2-3 meeting a week by phone calling suspects(no, that’s not fair) potential members and clue them in the greatest MLM business since slicedbread. All these products can be ordered from a catalog, and online if you remain a member with aminimum membership fee each month. Phone call, phone call, more phone calling, personalmeetings to explain new products (I think they have over 400 products now) that is continuousand very labor intensive, and growing.My mind is very weak right now on the commission structure, but I believe we were gettingsomewhere around 7% on sales in our downline. I’m sure I would remember if it were moresubstantial. Our biggest check over a one month period of time was around $300, and the restmuch lower.Now, don’t get me wrong. Melaleuca has great products and today we still orderaround $75 worth of products every month. But because it was so hardsupporting our downline, we now receive no commissions. And the f ew peoplewe brought in have dropped out. In f act, in the beginning, we were so intent ongetting our downline started, that two or three of our f irst members, we paid f ortheir f irst months membership. Bad idea. These people had no incentive toprosper. Melaleuca MLM business slowly f ades away into the sunset.Well, I’ll work on my graphic design business right now. It’s been successfully in operation for over20 years, and the mortgage business for my wife is picking up (we haven’t hit the brick wall yet ofthe downturned housing market).The sun rises with a faint hope of anew MLM called Empower Network.Let’s go sell our friends, relativesand neighbors (the ones we haveleft) about this new MLM calledEmpower Network (EN) we have found. Whoops, not necessary. In fact, your best customers willbe gained with online marketing. People you don’t even know actually looking to start their ownonline business.
  3. 3. Not necessary to go door-to-door anymore.We can do it all online.No Phone callingNo weekly meetingsNo approaching friends and relatives (unless they come to you and wonder why you are alwaysdriving new cars; you always seem to be gone on vacation.)You can…Get rid of the job that you hate …Get rid of a boss that you loathe …Get rid of freeway traffic that drives you crazy on a daily basis …Get rid of never being able to have any month at the end of the money …Work online using affiliate marketing to build a home business…All while earning 100% commissions every day, every week, every month.Now this sounds good. But is it too good to be true? NO.Empower Network is a dif f erent and legitimate, low entry cost money makingsystem…PERIOD!Empower Network creates…….a long term residual income….….part time, or full time online, from anywhere in the world?An X engineer made over $130,000 in the mont h of October.A former book store clerk made over $115,000 in the same month.WITNESS how two homeless guys went from despair to >>>THISWatch this video that shows the simple system that ingenerated over $7 Million in commissions,directly paid to people like you and me, just in the last 12 months!The stories go on and on.CLICK HERE. Watch the video “and t ry not t o buy.”You can also CLICK HERE and join our team that will help you down the path to financial successyou never dreamed about.affiliate marketing, blogging, empower network, empower network reviews, empower network
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  5. 5. About The Author: wellcraf t3Graduate of the University of Washington (Huskies) and still watch every Husky gameevery Saturday. Retired owner of a Graphic Design firm looking for a little extra cashwith Empower Network. Living in Everett, WA and love to boat, fish, play golf, tennisand bowl. Two daughters have graduated from college... one living near LA, CA and one studying inNew York to achieve her Masters in International Relations.