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Industries using stainless ( Weld Postcleen systems )


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Industries using stainless ( Weld Postcleen systems )

  1. 1. INDUSTRIES using STAINLESS STEEL Medical, Surgery Surgical stainless steel is a specific type of stainless steel, used in medical applications, which includes alloying elements of: chromium, nickel and molybdenum. The chromium gives the metal its scratch resistance and corrosion resistance. The nickel provides a smooth and polished finish. The molybdenum gives greater hardness and helps maintain a cutting edge. The word 'surgical' refers to the fact that these types of steel are well-suited for making surgical instruments: they are easy to clean and sterilize, strong, and corrosion-resistant. Products for the medical, surgery and pharmaceutical industry include surgical instruments, containers, trolleys, trays, implants. All the above need to have a high degree of surface finish.
  2. 2. Pharmaceutical Products for the pharmaceutical industry include bulk containers, isolators, glove ports, conveyors, material handling equipment, pressure vessels, piping.
  3. 3. Dairy Products for the dairy industry include milk vats, pipe systems, processing plants, butter & cheese processing equipment, pasteurization plants, ice cream processing equipment and road tankers.
  4. 4. Food and Hospitality Products for the hospitality industry include ovens, sinks, fridges, utensils, kitchens, fryers, displays, tables, work benches, conveyors, mixers.
  5. 5. Wine and Beverage Products for the wine and beverage industry include crushers, pumps, presses, conveyors, packaging, pipes, handrails, seperators, storage tanks, transport tankers.
  6. 6. Marine Products for the marine industry include boat handrails, rigging, balustrades, benches, bins, walkways, bridges, handrails, fencing, poles, posts, structural framework.
  7. 7. Petro-Chemical Products for the petro-chemical industry include blenders, filters, mixers, conveyors, heat exchangers pipe lines, pumps, storage tanks, agitators, chillers.
  8. 8. Water and Wastewater treatment Products for the water treatment industry include pipe work, storage tanks, pump stations, condensers, water tanks, membrane racks, evaporators, high pressure pumps, filter housings, demisters and spray systems.
  9. 9. Mining Products for the mining industry include heat exchangers, agitators, evaporators, conveyors and pipe work, mixers, valves, liquid storage tanks, cooling towers.
  10. 10. Architectural, Sculptures Products for the architectural industry include building structures for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Roofing, cladding, railings, lifts & escalators, waste bins, bollards, shelters and ventilation. Products for the sculpture industry include imagination and fabrication art.
  11. 11. Oil and Gas Products for the oil and gas industry include platforms, pipe lines, pumps, heat exchangers, coolers, manifolds, stairs, fire walls, well head equipment, walkways, tread plates and storage.
  12. 12. Ship Building Products for the ship building industry include pipe lines, manifolds, stairways, walkways, storage tanks, water filtration, handrails, platforms, water desalination plants.
  13. 13. Energy Products for the energy industry include pipe lines, manifolds, stairways, walkways, storage tanks, water filtration, handrails, platforms, pressure vessels.