Shape Magazine Digital Strategy


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Shape Magazine Digital Strategy

  1. 1. Shape Magazine Established in 1981- monthly health magazine servicing females Help women explore and build inner/outer beauty Subscription (online/offline); Paper and electronic editions Target audiences students working women weight problem
  2. 2. SWOT and GoalsGOALS increase the traffics to Shape website and expand the exposure to the mobile devices increase the amount of subscriptions by 10% after 3 monthsSWOT Strengths Treats  high reputation  lots of free contents online  multimedia platforms  intensive rivalry from similar  social media channels magazines like Fitness, Self, etc.  high quality of contents  Increased fees incurred with  stable and loyal customers an online presence Weaknesses Opportunities  price is not competitive  women’s concerns of health  online contents may decrease and beauty subscription rate  internet marketing
  3. 3. Internet MarketingWebsite Improvement1) Magazine preview online – motivate an buying action2) SEO (“description” and “key words”) - help increase the presence in the search engines and drive more website visitors3) Build more links--- --benefit our customersColum Building build a column on a national digital newspaper or some comprehensive clothing websites----popularity
  4. 4. Internet Marketing (cont’)Google Adwords Campaign-- help Shape reach both existing and potential customers, leading to possible more sales than before
  5. 5. Social Media Social media—a social buzz Shape Corporate Blog Blogger: a male senior manager Theme: “beauty” from male’s perspective Participation: best 5 blogs from public every month
  6. 6. Social Media (Cont’) Pinterest campaign Who Change Best Regardless of age, any participant who has already experienced a successful body change or begins to start a healthy life to gain a charming figure is encouraged to post the best “WOW” picture that illustrating the change. Final 10 winners will be rewarded with Shape’s secret gifts personally designed
  7. 7. Mobile Strategy iPad Version with Subscription collaborate with MapMyFITNESS to help people uses mobile applications to do exercise on customized workouts
  8. 8. Mobile Strategy (Cont’) Develop New iPhone app --Make U Choice1. Teach you how to wear: input the demographic information (age, height, color, length of hair, etc.); the occasions you will attend; when it will happen; The app will bring you clothing choices 2. Teach you how to eat: input the activities you involved in the last 2 hours (swimming, jogging, watching movies, etc.); what the time is exactly; The app will tell you the food combo
  9. 9. Evaluation and Budget Evaluation (measurable data) Budget ($80,000 in 2012)