Social Middleware: Moving beyond portals


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OpenSocial provides a standards based social middleware platform that is widely adopted throughout the industry. It's has a growing community of open source implementations via the Apache Shindig and Apache Rave projects. Learn more at

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  • A copy of this presentation can be found on slideshare if you go to
  • Broad adoption across growing number of enterprise vendors:IBM, Sugar, Jive, eXo, LifeRay, SAP, Tibco
  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Social Middleware: Moving beyond portals

    1. 1. Moving Beyond Portals toSocial MiddlewareMark WeitzelPresident, OpenSocial FoundationDirector, Platform & Ecosystem, Jive Software
    2. 2. About Me • President, Open Social Foundation • Director, Platform & Ecosystem, Jive Software. • @weitzelm • linkedin/weitzelm • •
    3. 3. Objectives• What is social middleware• What is a social application• What is OpenSocial• Why open standards are important
    4. 4. What is Social Middleware?
    5. 5. In the “old days”…• Lots of “systems of record” HR Systems CRMs Content Management “Roll your own” CRM CMS HRIS Custom IT App Backend
    6. 6. Today, everyone wants to be friends…At a high level… People Friends ActivitiesIn an enterprise setting… Profile ~ Base set of info, extended based on business context Relationships ~ Org chart, group membership, content Activity Streams ~ Flow of information about relationships
    7. 7. Social Middleware a.k.a. Social Platform Brings integration and collaboration across the data silos: ERP, CRM, HRS, CMS Turn “systems of record” into “systems of engagement”
    8. 8. Open Source Social Middleware Apache Shindig Apache Rave Reference Framework Reference Implementation
    9. 9. What is OpenSocial?
    10. 10. What is OpenSocial?Industry standard, built and defined by an open communityPlatform APIs for providing social context Profile ~ Base set of info, extended based on business context Relationships ~ Org chart, group membership, content Activity Streams ~ Flow of information about relationshipsComponent model for building cloud based social business applications OpenSocial has been adopted by top enterprise vendors: IBM, SugarCRM, Jive, eXo, LifeRay, SAP, Tibco, SurfNet, Vivo
    11. 11. What is a social business application? A cloud based service that leverages social context as a fundamental underpinning of its business logic.
    12. 12. Why build a Social Business App?Extend your social platform Graphical editing Co-worker Recognition External system quick reference and lookups Project ManagementIntegrate data silos: ERP, CRM, HRS, CMS
    13. 13. Application Markets• New paradigm for enterprise application delivery• Purpose built apps vs. monolithic application suite• On demand vs. pre-selected• Market economics
    14. 14. Why are standards important?
    15. 15. Why are open standards important?• Competition: Facilitates the growth of an ecosystem around a common programming model• Cooperation: Enables community involvement and organic growth• Adoption: Drives interoperability and portability• Choice: Formalizes the social platform and application model You can’t be a real platform if you are not open!
    16. 16. OpenSocial: The Social BusinessApplication Platform• Only industry driven standard for building social platforms & applications• Community driven innovation• Broadly adopted in the industry• Multiple open source projects
    17. 17. Merci!